5 Excavator Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

5 Excavator Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring an excavator may seem like a simple task, but nothing could be further from the truth. Given that excavators are big machinery, the process of hiring one can be a bit complicated, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

To make sure that you get everything right, it is prudent that you steer clear of some mistakes that many people make. Here are five of them.

1. Choosing the wrong company

As you are going to find out, there are numerous companies from which you can hire an excavator in Australia out there, but not all are the right fit for you. Choosing the wrong rental company can lead to a lot of frustrations on your side.

Generally, you want to work with a company that listens to you and goes out of their way to provide a deal that’s perfect for your unique needs. If you are searching for a company online, take your time to see how customers review the company before making a decision.

2. Not taking the time to understand the requirements

Every rental company has a set of requirements that the customer needs to adhere to. Unless you take the time to understand all of these requirements, you risk incurring more expenses.

For instance, if a company requires that equipment be returned no later than the agreed date, violating this requirement will almost always attract a penalty. If the company requires that you put down a deposit, it’s important that you understand the amount required early enough.

3. Focusing too much on the price

Certainly, you want to choose a rental company that provides attractive rates. However, price alone should never be the biggest factor when making decisions on which excavator rental company to choose.

Generally, you want to avoid a company that charges rock bottom prices as that may be a pointer that there are hidden costs or that the equipment is poorly maintained.

4. Choosing the wrong size of excavator

You may be tempted to choose the biggest excavator you can get, but unless the project requires that specific equipment, you need to resist the temptation. Remember that a bigger excavator will generally attract higher fees than a smaller one.

If you’re going to be doing a smaller or residential project, such as excavating soil for a small pool in your home, then you don’t need a huge excavator.

5. Not getting everything in writing

contractor and client discussing a project in the site

The majority of contractors will keep their word. However, it’s prudent to get everything you discuss in writing if you deem it to be important before signing on the dotted line.

Don’t assume that just because you have agreed verbally, everything is part of the contract. Noting all questions and details helps avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Finding the ideal excavator for your needs is an important step towards making your project a successful one. If you can steer clear of some of the mistakes that people looking to hire an excavator to make, you can end up with just the perfect equipment you are in the market for.

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