A Simple Guide to Content Marketing

A Simple Guide to Content Marketing

The Internet has been widely used all over the world. Whenever you post something on social media or other sites, people can see it right away. That is why entrepreneurs make use of it as a promotional tool. They post advertisements, infographics, blogs, and pictures for everyone in the world to see.

Doing business in this digital age, you can hire a full-service digital marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are planning for a good promotional strategy for your business, you might want to consider content marketing.

What Is Content Marketing?

Marketing is a social and managerial undertaking by which an entrepreneur gets what he needs and wants through producing and trading products and services with others. Hence, content marketing consists of techniques that make useful content to attract target consumers. It should provide valuable information that will gain the customers’ trust.

The so-called target market refers to a group of potential buyers who want to exchange products and value to a seller. It can be determined through a location. For example, you build your school supply store near a school. Therefore, your target market is the group of students who are always passing by your location. An entrepreneur should be wise in determining his market. In this day and age, you can choose the best-suited marketing strategy for your target market.

Traditional Marketing vs. Content Marketing

You might think that content marketing is used only in today’s businesses. However, looking back, companies used this as a tool for selling their products. One example is Lego. They launched a magazine called Brick Kicks. That is where they put relevant and valuable content about their products.

Advertising through newspapers and magazines is an example of traditional marketing. But today, there are online marketing tools such as social media, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts.

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Thus, the two of them are the same in terms of providing useful content for the consumers. They just use different tools. To understand more about modern content marketing, here are two examples:


These are long graphics. They contain charts, information, and statistics about a certain product or topic. They are very effective, especially when posted on social media and other websites. People are more attracted to visual information than long articles about your products and services.


People want to gain information faster. They would prefer seeing a promotional video of your product than reading a blog with 500 words or more about it. Statistics also show that people watch 180 to 200 videos a month. It just proves that video marketing is more powerful than other marketing tools in reaching the target markets.

Selling is not just about the uniqueness and affordability of your products and services. Customers will notice them only if you have the proper promotions and advertisements. You can take advantage of the Internet. Commercial advertisements are not that effective when it comes to attracting consumers. However, due to the rise of digital technology, content marketing is a new way of attracting customers into the business.

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