A Window of Opportunity: The Value of Home Maintenance Franchises

A Window of Opportunity: The Value of Home Maintenance Franchises

Homeownership is a goal most adults have, especially for those in their early 20s. While it’s not easy to save up for a home, loans and mortgages make early homeownership possible. They make real estate a steadily growing and profitable business, even today.

One drawback early homeownership has is the owner’s inexperience in maintaining their house properly. It can lead to faster home decay and a decrease in house comfortability. Fortunately, there are many businesses geared towards home maintenance services for all aspects.

If you want to have a profitable real estate related business, you might not know where to begin. For novice entrepreneurs, consider investing in a franchise over starting your own business. The latter can be difficult if you aren’t an expert. Get started by reading these business ideas below.

House Cleaning

Working homeowners usually don’t have the time for proper home cleanliness upkeep. That’s where housekeeping services come in. They can handle any dirt or grime in a homeexpertly keeping it spick and span. Invest in this franchise if you prefer a steady market demand.

There are various factors in maintaining a cleaning businessmainly marketing, staff, and equipment. The franchisor will provide the marketing, staff, and even equipment on some occasions. However, you’re more likely to be the one who’ll fund the needed cleaning materials.

Large equipment, such as vacuum cleaners or carpet cleaners, is required. Also, you’ll need the appropriate cleaning solutions that will get the dirt off without damaging the item or surface being cleaned. Finally, have a few microfiber cloths in hand for better cleaning.

Lawn and Garden Care

Lawn care is a hot topic for homeowners who want to keep their curb appeal high. However, not everybody has the aesthetic sense and gardening know-how to make their lawn appealing. If you’re interested in this kind of business, consider looking for lawn franchise opportunities.

While landscaping businesses are profitable, their demand is usually cyclical. Plant growth is seasonal, after all, which means they won’t require much care during their dormant month. That will help you set aside the fall and winter months as equipment maintenance season.

During peak season, however, you’ll be expecting quite the upsurge in lawn care services. Use the off-season months as preparation for this period so that you’re ready to meet the demand and rake in the money. You don’t want to pass on a commission as much as possible.

House Handyman


As a house becomes old, some issues are bound to crop up. From leaky pipes to poor electrical connections, most homeowners will be unable to identify what their problems are. If you’re interested in the various kinds of home repairs, a handyman franchise might be for you.

While the right tools are needed for this business, the staff’s expertise is important as well. One of the handyman service’s main selling points is professional home repairs that can be done quickly after all. Make sure that your staff is consistently performing at their peak.

Keep your employees updated with the most efficient methods of repair for their line of work. When taking in new workers, have them trained by your experts so that they can learn the ropes quickly. It will also help develop their skills better compared to learning by themselves.

Home maintenance is a heavy task to carry, especially for solo homeowners. Due to this common need, many businesses were created to service a specific house aspect. That is also your chance as an entrepreneur to find the most profitable option that suits you.

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