Artsy Product Ideas for Your First Entrepreneurial Venture

Artsy Product Ideas for Your First Entrepreneurial Venture

As an adult who has yet to create your mark globally, it’s important to know what your options are when it comes to your career. You might have already begun your career as a young professional and are well on your way to climbing the corporate ladder, but you should still keep your options open.

Nowadays, having multiple income streams is becoming more of a necessity than a choice, especially if you consider the ever-increasing prices of commodities. In addition to that, if you’re hoping to buy your own house in the future, then you should already be saving money and building your credit.

Simply having a full-time job that provides you with a steady income may not be enough to afford all your dreams and ambitions in life. And while having two full-time jobs is humanely impossible, you can look into part-time positions or freelancing opportunities. Or you can even begin your own small business.

So many people have become aspiring entrepreneurs by making their passions profitable. For once, you can prove to those who have tried to deter you from the arts that your passions are worth it. Here are three products you can make a profit from while showing your artistic skills in the process:

Graphic T-shirts

If you like making wearable art, such as printing your artwork on t-shirts, then a graphic tee shop would be the perfect small business for you. All you need to start your business will be to get your own heat press and transfer machine so you can work within the comfort of your home.

You will also need a reliable t-shirt supplier that can offer you good prices and high-quality materials. This way, you can be assured that your products are the best of the best, which can help you secure clients in the future. T-shirts will never go out of style, which makes them good products for a business.

You can start selling your shirts on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. But if you prefer a more formal platform, you can use e-commerce websites or even make your own. Creating a website from scratch will allow you to design it better according to your brand identity.

Customizable Pastries


If you prefer making edible art, such as cartoon character-inspired cookies and biscuits, then a customizable pastry shop would be the perfect small business for you. Through this shop, you can share your love for food and baking with other people who appreciate sweet treats like you while earning a profit.

You can sell your pastries as is, but many consumers want the opportunity to have their own designs on their orders. This means that you can take advantage of this market demand by offering your services and catering to orders for special events like birthday parties or social gatherings.

Since your products will be perishable goods that are made-to-order, the best medium to attract an audience is through social media platforms. For instance, you can make an Instagram page for your delightful pastries where potential customers can easily place their orders.

Handmade Sweaters

If you’re fond of crocheting or knitting pieces of clothing, then a handmade sweater shop will the perfect small business for you. Through this shop, you can channel all your crafting skills into making one-of-a-kind sweaters that can wow any customer.

Since autumn and winter are still far away, you have plenty of time to rack up orders from potential customers. Crocheted or knitted sweaters are considered novelty items in the time of fast fashion, which means it will be easier to find customers that will support your shop.

Of course, to start this store, you will need lots of yarn and time. Look into yarn suppliers that can offer you the products in bulk to save some money in the process. However, that time aspect can be tricky, which means you have to be careful when scheduling the deliveries of your finished products.

As for the platform, you can make an Instagram or other social media account that you prefer. You can also use e-commerce websites like Etsy, which can be easier to use because it’s already an established platform for small novelty businesses.

Starting a small business on your own can be overwhelming because you don’t have people to fall back on. However, by going through the entire process of establishing your business one step at a time, being an entrepreneur may become easier to digest. So do your homework and ask for help when you need it. Soon enough, you’ll have a thriving small business and multiple income streams under your belt.

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