Closed vs. Open Spaces: How Office Layout Impacts Your Workplace

Closed vs. Open Spaces: How Office Layout Impacts Your Workplace

Most company owners prioritize essential business operations such as improving products and services or creating the perfect marketing strategy. However, if you want to achieve success, you should also pay attention to other aspects of the business. And one is creating the best working environment for your employees.

You have to plan carefully how to place furniture, equipment, and other items. You can check out industrial desks for sale and order a few other similar-themed furniture for your office. However, before you go making purchases, you need to decide first what type of layout your workplace needs. Check out the advantages of each option.

Closed Office Spaces

This type of office space often consists of private cubicles and individual workstations. Here are a few advantages to this type of layout.

  • Minimal distraction – Employees can focus on their daily tasks without too much distraction. Individual workstations will help them concentrate on their job. This is very helpful, especially for those working on a lot of writeups, accounting, or financial reports.
  • Better privacy – Some people want to keep their privacy, so placing an individually walled cubicle will keep them motivated to work. They will not feel “too exposed” while working. Aside from this, employees can design or decorate their desks to keep themselves inspired.
  • Apparent job ranking in the office – You can obviously see who the team leaders are and who are just starting at the office. Employees with higher positions get the chance to have a private office. This helps employees get inspired to work harder to reach that certain position and enjoy their new workstation.

Open Office Spaces

open office plan

Open office spaces are literally open that you will not find any walled cubicles or private office rooms. Employees work side by side and their work desks are often composed of long tables and comfortable chairs.

  • Budget-friendly office – As a business owner, you do not need to pay too much for the construction process. You also do not need to purchase expensive individual desks because you can choose affordable long desks or bean bags. You can also cut down utility bills because you can squeeze your whole team in one area.
  • Easier communication and collaboration – Open offices encourage collaboration among team members. If your employees need to constantly brainstorm new ideas or discuss projects, an open office layout is a great idea. This will be favorable for graphic artists, journalists, or marketing specialists.
  • Employees will feel more comfortable – The layout looks more like a home rather than an office, making employees feel at ease. If they stay relaxed and free from stress and pressure, they can perform their tasks better.

It may be challenging to choose between closed and open office spaces since both layouts provide lovely advantages. The final decision will depend on what culture or environment you want to promote in your workplace. If you wish, you can choose a combination of these two design concepts. This way, you can have an area for both collaboration and privacy. You can consult professional interior designers to help you finalize your office layout.

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