What Brands Need to Know: Consumer Trends 2021

What Brands Need to Know: Consumer Trends 2021

Businesses during the new normal are in a tricky position. What consumers want before are a lot different nowadays. They may still want convenience in getting the products and services they need. But they became more demanding due to our current situation. The pandemic made them more conscious of their habits and made them rethink their priorities.

Business owners have no choice but to keep in touch with what consumer wants. Research shows emphasis on telling brands to rewrite their game plan if entrepreneurs want to thrive and stand out during the pandemic. But the question is, what do consumers want now that we are living under the new normal?

Efficient and Time-tested Processes

Consumers these days continue to shelter in place. Many of them would only go out to run important errands. They try to limit their exposure outdoors by planning their trips and making the most out of their time spent outdoors.

It is because of these reasons that consumers expect businesses to improve their service. They want businesses to invest in efficient and time-tested processes. This usually means getting the products and services they need at the fastest time possible.

This is one reason why businesses offering quick-service franchise opportunities like fast food restaurants continue to thrive. They want to receive the goods they like fastest and with as little contact as possible. If you speed up your process and cater to their needs faster, your chances of gaining and retaining clients increase.

Multiple Communication Channels

Even before the crisis, some companies are already catering to customers’ concerns using different communication channels. This is even if many customers would rather go to the store themselves and ask their questions or claim a refund in person. But with the pandemic, their fear for their health and safety became their priority.

The pandemic made many consumers rethink their way of communicating with businesses. They no longer prioritize driving to the store to ask for a product or two. They would rather use other channels to communicate.

Phone calls, emails, and chats used to be the go-to choices of customers when communicating with businesses. With the pandemic still happening, they expect businesses to have their own website, social media page, and team to keep them engage in different channels. The more communication channels available for them, the easier it will be to reach out to the company.

Stay-at-home Customer Spending

online shopping

Many consumers, especially millennials, are already buying things online before the pandemic. But when the crisis hit the globe, online shopping became a bigger hit even to other older generations. Even simple groceries are now being bought and delivered to accommodate sheltering in place practices.

Aside from buying things online, what consumers are buying also changed. For one, many are buying things that will help them replace out-of-home activities. This usually means making purchases to support remote learning, telecommuting, and other leisure activities usually accomplished outdoors.

Homeowners started transforming to better fit their family’s new lifestyle. Bedrooms now double as study areas and playgrounds. Garages became home offices, while yards became a venue for outdoor cooking, sports, and exercise.

Many people are also investing in smart home technologies. They want their homes to be smarter, safer, more flexible, and a lot more convenient. They are increasing entertainment outlets in the comforts of their home to keep themselves engaged during the pandemic.

Lower Customer Tolerance

Due to the increasing online shopping activities, consumers turn to recommendations and reviews before trusting a company. They are looking for brands with good online reviews and those that garnered the trust of their loved ones. Before trying a product or service, they make sure to ask about their loved one’s opinions and read your customers’ reviews online.

This makes garnering a positive online reputation crucial for business success. The more positive feedback you can get from your past and current customers, the better. This is one way you can get ahead of your competitors in the middle of a crisis.

Businesses should identify opportunities where they can get more feedback from clients. They should also learn from the reviews of customers and improve what they can improve. This way, they can provide a better customer journey for every client and gain more clients in the process.

There is no denying that the pandemic change what consumers want and need. They expect faster and more efficient services along with multiple channels to reach businesses. They have a lower tolerance and turned to online shopping. Knowing what consumers want these days and using this knowledge to your advantage will make it easier for you to lead your brand to better success.

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