Do You Need an Arborist or a Tree Surgeon?

Do You Need an Arborist or a Tree Surgeon?

When you need a proper tree-clearing operation, you should call a tree surgeon. On the other hand, if you are having other tree-related issues in your Salt Lake City property, you can conveniently find a reliable arborist. Learn the difference between an arborist and a tree surgeon to avoid any confusion.

People interchangeably use the terms arborist and tree surgeon when talking about getting a solution to tree problems because both jobs have the same scope of work. But there’s a distinction between the two — the qualification that the contractor holds. Interesting, isn’t it?

What’s the Role of a Tree Surgeon

The job of a tree surgeon is not an easy undertaking. You must be trained to get used to and become skilled in performing the duties. If you try to remove a stump on your backyard without doing the proper procedures, the remains may pose a threat to the people and your property.

Moreover, if you have no success in stump removal, the people who will step on it will get injured. If you fail to remove the entire stump, it may cause termite infestation that could damage your home.

Tree surgeons can do the physically-demanding tasks, such as:

  • Clearing stumps, fallen and damaged trees across the area following a natural disaster
  • Letting the tree grow straight by integrating tree braces
  • Basic knowledge of proper tree care and management
  • Pruning and altering the tree branches

A person can be a tree surgeon without appropriate training, as long as they have the skill. That’s why it’s one of the easiest businesses to get into. Not to mention, the basic equipment required for the undertaking is easy to obtain. However, some service providers lack respect for the trees, according to some property owners. Possibly, it’s because of insufficient training that the contractor has acquired.

When hiring a tree surgeon, it’s important to research the company before you get involved with them. Choose the one who is certified and follows the proper tree care.

What’s the Role of an Arborist

Most people have the wrong perception of tree surgeons. They think that the contractor is a tree doctor because of the word ‘surgeon.’ In fact, the person who has in-depth knowledge in taking care of trees is the arborist.

Arborists have formal study and training in advanced tree care and management. Through their knowledge, they can observe the condition of your tree and identify the symptoms of the issue and determine the disease in a tree. They are reliable when you need accurate recommendations for tree treatment. Certified arborists have in-depth knowledge about how trees will thrive in various conditions.

If you’re curious about what horticulturists do, here’s what you should know. They take care of greenery, gardens, golf courses, and parks, as well as maintain various types of landscaping. They study horticulture, the technology of cultivating plants to flourish. On a side note, arborists have an understanding of horticulture, but they focus more on trees.

Hopefully, you now have the right thoughts and knowledge of the roles of tree surgeons and arborists. Hiring the right contractors ensures that the job will be performed the way you want it to be.

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