10 Employee Engagement Ideas

10 Employee Engagement Ideas

Employees are the number one and most essential asset in a business. Thus, many employers are implementing employee engagement practices. These practices refer to activities employers apply to show their gratitude and appreciation to their workers. These are used to boost productivity levels and work satisfaction.

Some employees may not have sufficient motivation to complete their tasks or do them beyond expectations. They must have more than the usual “work environment” and want to feel valued and more connected to their company.

According to Gallup’s research, only 36 percent of employees are enthusiastic about doing their work. Considering the poor employee engagement levels, it is empirical for employers to show more enthusiasm and appreciation towards their employees.

Here are some of the best employee engagement ideas you can do to boost employee satisfaction:

  1. Maintain an Open Communication

One of the few ways you can ensure that your workers are more motivated and focused on working is by keeping open communication. According to the CEO and founder of The Dog Adventure, Peter Schoeman, honest communication is the key to success.

Aside from being a good employee engagement strategy, maintaining open communication also significantly affects the relationship within the team. Effective communication ensures that each team member knows how and why they are working on specific tasks.

  1. Create Opportunities for Collaboration

Employees with a positive and robust relationship with their colleagues are more motivated to engage in the workplace. This is because the relationship between coworkers is an interpersonal relationship with hundreds of benefits.

In line with that, it would be best to create tons of opportunities to let your workers work with each other. This allows them to know themselves better.

  1. Offer Role Flexibility

Ensuring lateral mobility within a workplace encourages employee engagement. This is extremely helpful for newcomers in your company who are still adjusting to the nature of their work.

Offering role flexibility promotes career mapping, which is an excellent step to maintain good employees that may have resigned for other positions.

  1. Offer Wellness Perks

Offering wellness perks is also an excellent way to maintain good employee engagement. Make sure to choose an offer beneficial for the whole team. You may consider offering them a work-from-home setup for a few weeks of an unlimited open PTO policy.

  1. Offer Mentoring and Coaching

mentor holding a coaching session

Another best way to promote employee engagement is by offering free mentoring and coaching services. You may ask some of your company experts to share their expertise with your new employees. This activity opens a new door for better learning and communication within your team.

Mentoring and coaching are essential to help your workers improve their work efficiency, hone and acquire new skills, and better understand their career path.

  1. Act on Feedback

Acting on their feedback about your company is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate their comments and suggestions. It is essential to share with them what you are doing and why. Moreover, ensure to communicate with your employees regarding the estimated date when they can see changes or results.

  1. Improve Onboarding to Integrate New Hires

Making your new employees feel welcome to the team is a great way to establish good employee engagement. In line with that, find time to introduce new hires to everyone in the group. Make sure your human resources department has an effective process for doing so.

In addition, it would be best to set opportunities that will let new employees communicate and connect with the team members.

  1. Offer Growth Opportunities

One of the tips shared by the founder of TurboFinance, Josh Stomel, is to welcome your employees to a growth-oriented company.

Did you know that most employees who feel stuck and complacent in a job role are more likely to look for new companies to give them fresh opportunities? To prevent that from happening, it is essential to provide them with options that will help them grow and improve.

It is paramount for employers and managers to monitor their employees as they work within the company. This will help them create opportunities to give employees a new work nature. Therefore, they won’t feel complacent anymore.

  1. Be Open and Transparent

Employees will show better engagement in the company when they are updated with everything happening inside their workplace. It is essential to let your employees know what is going on, the bad and the good.

As a team manager or employer, it is your responsibility to promote transparency in a company. Being transparent is a great way to show that you value and trust your workers, which is enough for them to stay in the organization.

For example, if you want to change something in your company, make sure that you will advise your employees about it. You can do this through a meeting.

  1. Provide Multiple Options for Feedback

Different employees have various ways of sharing their feedback about their work or the company. Some may feel uncomfortable and shy sharing their opinions in a public setting or front of other people.

That is why employers need to provide different means for employees to share their feedback according to their preferred option. Through sit-down meetings, informal chats, or anonymous employee surveys, you may do this.

Invest in Employee Engagement

Making your employees feel engaged in the workplace promotes more effective productivity and efficient communication. Thus, it is essential to make them feel comfortable doing their workplace tasks.

Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever, which has impacted how we think about employee engagement. For years, the focus has been on getting the best out of our star performers, with little regard for the disengaged majority in the middle. But as the economy has evolved, so too has our understanding of engagement.  An engaged and happy workforce performs better, generates more revenue and stays with the company for longer.

Those are some of the essential ideas you can do to promote better employee engagement within your company. Take note that your employees are your most significant assets. So make them feel loved, valued and appreciated as much as possible.

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