Finding An Entry Level Job That Pays Well

Finding An Entry Level Job That Pays Well

With economies starting to open up after the global pandemic, many people are starting to become hopeful about finding employment again. Many companies across various industries have started opening up more entry level jobs than ever before, thanks to the global shift into digitizing different business processes. And because of this fresh graduates are thriving in this new job market.

While not all entry level jobs are going to be work from home, it’s a good sign for everyone that a lot of starting positions offer pretty good remuneration packages.

We tracked down some of the best entry level jobs out there, but first:

What Does “Entry Level Job” Actually Mean?

In essence, an entry level job is the most junior position in a company, i.e. it’s the bottom of the corporate ladder. Most entry level jobs require a whole lot of menial tasks involving your department and requires the least amount of experience.

But other than being bossed around by people in more senior positions, people in entry level jobs are accorded a large amount of training to prepare them for more responsibilities and to provide them with more experience, both of which will ideally lead to them getting more senior positions.

Entry level jobs usually take in recent college graduates; however, they can also be offered to people who are looking to switch careers. While a person occupying a senior role in one industry will almost-always have skills that can be translated to a middle-management role in a different industry, it’s not uncommon for, say, a VP of sales to take on an entry level job in, say, a manual labor role.

Best Entry Level Jobs To Consider: Copywriter

Copywriters that work for advertising or marketing agencies are almost always paid very well compared to other entry level jobs, and for good reason: the job is brutal. Most entry level copywriters will work 10-12-hour days, meet sharp deadlines, and have endless brainstorming sessions with various departments. If you’re thinking of getting an entry level job as a copywriter, prepare to hit the ground running.

In contrast, other businesses that aren’t agencies will employ copywriters as part of their marketing departments. In these roles, entry level copywriters will usually earn slightly less (but still within average) but with a more relaxed working environment.

Average Pay: $52,866 / yr

Best Entry Level Jobs To Consider: Paralegal


As an entry level job, paralegals are usually tasked with performing administrative and research-based tasks for practicing lawyers. Often, they will be the ones responsible for prepping courtroom presentations, interviewing clients, and a large bulk of the case research. If they’re good enough (which many of them are), paralegals will be chosen to help attorneys during court hearings or assist a public adjuster in their duties.

Paralegals occupy a very strange position in the legal industry: many paralegals are actually extremely well-versed in the law, and are most likely highly educated in legal process, but because they either lack a degree in law or a license to practice, they’re not considered “actual lawyers”, despite having the knowledge and skills to be one.

Average Pay: $54,500 / yr

Best Entry Level Jobs To Consider: Public Relations Assistant

A public relations assistant, or PR assistant, will be responsible with aiding out full PR teams with their day-to-day tasks, with the ultimate goal of ‘learning while doing’. As a fledgling member of the Public Relations industry, a PR assistant will be taught how to facilitate effective communication with clients, prepping PR materials, and conducting research on the most efficient way to conduct positive PR for various scenarios.

Promising PR assistants will most likely also be given additional responsibilities like meeting with clients personally or handling direct correspondences between accounts specialists and executives. If you’re lucky, you might find an entry level job in a PR company that handles your favorite celebrity, so that’s a plus.

Average Pay: $54, 915 / yr

Best Entry Level Jobs To Consider: Marketing Associate

startup business

Marketing associates are usually one of the most common entry level jobs, and that’s because every company needs good marketing strategies to one-up the competition. While marketing associates are at the bottom of the marketing department’s totem pole, they’re not shorted of experience-building responsibilities like brainstorming and developing marketing strategies with specialists, hands-on training with campaign launches, and measuring inbound/outbound data.

First-time marketing associates will also most likely be taught how to conduct effective market research as well. This might sound like a lot, but these responsibilities are there to teach future marketers real-world applications of the theories they learn about in their MBA classes.

Average Pay: $56,899 / yr

Best Entry Level Jobs To Consider: Financial Analyst

An entry level job as a Financial analyst will usually comprise collecting financial data from clients and creating spending models and other financially relevant strategies for the organization. As part of their training, entry level financial analysts will also be tasked with identifying market trends, forecasting quarterly/annual dips and highs, and generally help in offering financial advice as a consultant to either your company’s senior management or for clients.

Even entry level financial analysts can expect large salaries that can rival more senior-level positions in other industries, although this is usually the case for any position in the financial sector.

Average Pay: $61,687 / yr

As we said earlier, entry level jobs are not just for fresh grads. It can be a new opportunity if you want to a new career path. It can also be something you can do if you’re still deciding on where to take your career. No job is too small, and these jobs will pay well, too.

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