Get That Feeling of Pride When You Help Other People Succeed

Get That Feeling of Pride When You Help Other People Succeed

Success can be lonely if you have no one to share it with. That sounds dramatic, but when you’re at the top and no one cares, how successful are you, really? Even if it’s not the audience or followers rooting for you, it’s still great to have someone to celebrate your successes with. In certain situations, you can be the reason behind other people’s success.

Whether it’s offering ideas to your friends or giving them the encouragement they need, you play a big part in where they land in their entrepreneurial career.

Business Matchmaking

When you know people, you also know how well they will match with other people. If you’ve ever played matchmaker to your friends, you feel pride when they end up happy together. You can sort of predict how things will go, and when you’re proven right, you want to just gloat.

Think of becoming a business broker as something similar, but instead of friends, you’re matching a business investor with a business or franchise up for grabs. Investing money is not enough to guarantee the success of the venture. You also need to consider the passion and commitment of an individual. They’ll be more passionate if they love the kind of business you recommend, and if they love what they do, they will be willing to put in the hours to see the business grow.

Franchise Whisperer

First-time entrepreneurs want to end up with a business they’ll be able to ease into without difficulties. It doesn’t mean they want everything to be smooth sailing from the get-go, but they want their dreams to be attainable. In this case, most first-timers dream of great profits.

As someone who comes bearing franchise options for them to try, you are in a position to see the franchised branch from inception to fruition, and you get to celebrate the milestones with the entrepreneur who is just as excited as you. Think of the business as your godson who is growing up healthy right in front of you.


Colleagues in a meeting

Some business owners are in it for the long haul. Others get bored and want to move on to their next venture. In real estate, when your firm is representing the buyer and the seller of a property, the firm gets a higher commission in a double-ended deal.

In business brokerage, you get to help both the buyer and the seller in finding the right person or business. You help a business owner make a gracious exit so they can happily get out of the business, and you assist a new business owner take the reigns in the business they just bought. There’s no other position more gratifying than right there in the middle.

Everyone feels proud when something they worked hard to achieve ends up having rewarding results. You’ve put in the hours, and once the business is doing well, you can look back at how it got there. At that point, you know you have succeeded, and you weren’t alone in your achievements.

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