Home Interior Updates That You Can Do

Home Interior Updates That You Can Do

After buying a house, the first thing you’d probably change is the interior. Not a lot of people are lucky to get a turnkey property where they don’t need to spend a dime to refresh the space inside. You can see signs of wear and you still see the previous owners’ taste and preferences with the current layout and design.


Surely, you want to make the space feel like it’s your own after spending your life’s savings for the property. That’s where the problem begins: you’re cash-strapped because you’ve gone all-in on the purchase. You don’t have anything left even for a minor renovation, so you may have to live with the existing style for the next few months until you save enough for the project.


Fortunately, you can do some small updates that make a big impact on the look of your space. These are mostly aesthetic since you can’t really do any major renovation because of your budget situation. Here are some things you can do:


Update Your Fixtures



When it comes to refreshing your interior, don’t be afraid to start small. Getting new fixtures for your home won’t really break the bank, and the improvements they give you can be very impactful. For example, updating the ceiling fans to something that’s more modern and more efficient not only gives your ceiling a new look, you’ll also notice an improvement in the cooling of the space and the efficiency in air circulation.


Blinds and shades, which occupy a large space on your wall (depending on your window size,) easily attracts attention. So even when you’re not getting a fresh coat of paint for your walls, getting new blinds and shades easily refresh the look of your room. This is the same for your built-in shelves and bookcases; giving them a fresh coat of paint won’t be as expensive as painting your whole house, but these are enough to update the look of a room or space.


Use Smart Storage Ideas



Usually, it’s the mess and the clutter that drags down the look of your interior. Imagine having boxes littered all over the house, or misplaced footwear, or toys left lying on the floor; it’s a mess, and no amount of interior design can fix them. That’s the sign for you to get more storage space for you and your family. You can add more shelves and closets, but that’s only possible when you have a lot of free space to play with.


If you have a tiny space, you can opt for smart storage ideas. Instead of adding more cabinets, you can explore getting under-seat storage. Instead of having more shelves and cupboards, you can get wall channels and brackets installed, with a board that you can use as a surface to put any item. Instead of getting another closet for your room, just add hooks to an empty wall, and you can use them to hang your clothes.


All the updates mentioned above require little to no renovation work. The most effort you’ll need is when drilling to mount your brackets or hooks. These are the perfect interior updates if you’re short on cash but you can’t wait to transform the look of your home.

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