Improving Employee Morale During a Pandemic

Improving Employee Morale During a Pandemic

While the number of hospitalizations due to COVID-19 has declined significantly, health officials are concerned about the new variants that are proliferating in different parts of the world. This causes employees to feel anxious even if they have work-at-home arrangements with the company.

Around a year after the pandemic started, many Americans are still experiencing mental health issues. Due to this, companies should find ways to improve their morale since it will result in better productivity.

Recognize Accomplishments

One of the things that lift the spirits is recognition. When employees notice that the company recognizes their efforts, they feel that the company values them. With this, they feel inspired to work harder, which results in better productivity.

This is particularly important in the middle of the current crisis. With many companies struggling to stay open and revenues are low, companies should recognize even the small wins of their employees. These accomplishments can lead to income for the company.

These achievements can be commendation from a customer or converting a visiting customer into a paying customer. Managers should also share any business-related achievements with the team to inspire everyone. The team will also see that it is still possible for them to connect with their market.

Additionally, the team will also feel connected even if they only see each other virtually since everyone is working remotely. The company can even celebrate milestones, such as the work anniversaries of some employees or the promotion of a colleague.

Increase Flexibility

Since everyone is working from home, life at work and life at home are gradually getting intertwined with each other. Some employees will find it challenging to maintain a good work-life balance. This means maintaining the 9-to-5 schedule becomes extra challenging. Some employees may even end up working and helping with their children at the same time since the children will likely attend online classes.

With this, the company can provide these employees with some flexibility in performing their jobs. The company can allow them to start working earlier than the regular schedule or a bit later. Employees may also end up not answering emails and messages immediately since they may be caring for somebody in the house.

The company can work with its employees and find a suitable schedule for them. Company leaders can be collaborative when they lead to encourage the employees to follow them and meet them halfway when it comes to creating the best schedule that works for both the employee and the company.

Offering a flexible schedule may be the motivation the employee needs to perform well in their job. Their productivity may increase if they work late in the afternoon until the evening since their children’s online classes are finished by then.

Communicate Properly

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At this point, the company should communicate any new policies it is implementing that will affect the employees. Company leaders should also be calm when they communicate with the employees even if the changes may have a significant effect on them.

Being emotional can only lead to anxiety among the employees, especially during this time when thousands of businesses closed due to the pandemic. If the company leader is frustrated and stressed, they can put off from talking with the employees until they have managed their emotions.

When a leader talks to the employees in a calm and collected manner, the employees will admire the leader. They may even feel inspired to work harder when it’s necessary to keep the company afloat.

Additionally, the company shouldn’t keep its employees in the dark since it will only result in speculations. It will also increase the anxiety levels of the employees and affect their productivity. The situation will also lead to gossip and the circulation of false rumors. This makes it essential for the company to communicate any major changes within the company so the employees will know.

Check Health Benefits

Another way to improve the morale of employees is to ensure they receive the health benefits they need, especially in the middle of a pandemic. While the US government continues to roll out the vaccines across the country, the employees still need health benefits in case they get sick

Additionally, extending these benefits to their immediate family can have a positive effect on the morale of the employees. They will see that their company is looking out for them and their families They’ll likely pay back this benefit with hard work and loyalty. Additionally, the employees will feel optimistic while working since they know the company has their back just in case they experience health issues.

Improving the morale of employees during a pandemic may be challenging, but it’s still possible if the company considers its employees as its family. When the company takes care of its employees, the employees will also take care of the company.

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