Moving Your Business Without Losing Productivity

Moving Your Business Without Losing Productivity

Planning to move your business is a challenge by itself. Ensuring that you do not run into costly setbacks and lose productivity while moving is a different story. One way to optimize your relocation process is to hire local commercial moving companies. There’s a number of moving companies in Utah and other states that specialize in commercial moves.

While these companies can help you get the job done, the right planning and execution can help move your business without causing a major dent in operational efficiency and productivity. Here are some tips and important considerations that may prove helpful:

Set Up Communications Early

It is important to keep everyone employees and customers in the loop regarding your plan to relocate your business. Regardless of the size of your business, moving can cause stress to employees. Circulating the announcement early gives them enough time to adjust to the transfer (change in their commute time, etc.). Delegate tasks to your employees; break them into smaller groups, each with specific responsibilities.

Customers should also be updated on the date and time of relocation, the new location of your business, and any possible downtime associated with the move. In-store signs, pamphlets, and social media announcements will help spread the word.

Schedule Your Move

Ideally, schedule the move over the weekend, at the end of the workday, or during holidays for minimal disruptions of operations. If a weekend is impossible, choose an off-peak day instead. You’ll also want to make sure you get everything sorted and packed properly before the moving day.

Invest in Proper Packing Supplies

moving boxes

If possible, pack in advance to spread out the workload. Investing in proper packing supplies is important to ensure efficiency and to keep things safe and organized. Essential packing supplies include bubble wraps, various moving boxes of different sizes, clear zip-locked bags, packing tape, labels, and sharpie pens. Be sure to read instructions on important electronic equipment to avoid damage.

Do Not Forget to Label

This makes locating the items and the unpacking process faster and easier when it’s time to set up at your new location. After all, nothing is more time-consuming and frustrating than having to deal with disorganized mountains of boxes. When using a moving company, it is ideal to use a numbering system. This is helpful in case any loss or damage during the relocation.

Consider Donating

Moving provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade or downgrade. Decide strategically which items and equipment you’d need when you move to the new building and which ones serve little to no purpose at all. Do not hesitate to donate the latter. If you think of it, a lot of advantages come with donating. One, you can declutter your office and, two, this move may also help you lower your tax bill since donations to qualified charitable institutions are tax-deductible expenses.

Another benefit of donating is increased productivity that comes with newer equipment models compared to the older ones. A fresh environment with new supplies and equipment may also boost employee motivation and morale.

Moving your business is a huge endeavor and it is likely to be more complicated than you think. You run the risk of downtime and of losing customers, so plan early, invest in the right tools, and get professional help. Following these tips should help you ensure a smooth moving process.

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