Bouncing Back: Taking Note of the New Travel Essentials

Bouncing Back: Taking Note of the New Travel Essentials

Pre-COVID-19, traveling was the norm. As travel became accessible due to lower airfares, more and more people get to go around different parts of the world.

Business Insider explains why traveling became cheap over the years. As more and more people travel, airlines can keep their fares lower. As airlines put their fares lower, more people get the chance to travel. It’s a circle, and we’re not complaining.

As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, people are ready to get back to traveling. This is especially true for millennials. Based on an article published by CNBC, most millennials are making travel a priority. The news site mentions that an average millennial takes around five trips a year.

The younger generation is considered crucial for the airline industry to bounce back from the devastating effect of the pandemic. Influencers, in particular, are considered key in bringing back people’s confidence in traveling.

As safety and health concerns are still looming with coronavirus around, precautions are necessary. Hence, here are some travel essentials to ensure people’s safety while going to different destinations.

Essentials for safe travel

Nowadays, a travel safety kit is crucial to keep you healthy while touring different parts of the world. Let’s take a look at some of these new travel essentials:


Vaccinated or not, wearing a mask protects you while traveling. It may not be the most comfortable, but it gives an added layer of protection, especially when traveling via public transportation. As the coronavirus is transmitted through droplets from the mouth and nose, using a mask is a great way to prevent transmission.

Using a mask is especially necessary for people who are coughing. Using it makes sure that droplets and potential viruses that come with sneezing or coughing don’t reach your fellow passengers. It’s being a responsible traveler taking care not only of your health but of other people as well.

Though you may find it hard to breathe when wearing a mask, doctors assure you that you get the same amount of oxygen even when your nose and mouth are covered.

When it comes to disposable or reusable masks, both are effective. However, to protect the environment, using a reusable one is encouraged. When choosing masks, whether medical or non-medical, it is best to choose one with two or more layers to block the passage of droplets.

Also, wear your mask properly. It would be useless if you don’t cover your nose when wearing it. Also, choose a snug-fitting mask for more effectiveness.

face mask and sanitizer

Alcohol, sanitizer, and wipes

Hygiene and cleanliness are important in preventing the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria. The best way to ensure that you don’t transmit any harmful elements from your hands to your nose and mouth is by washing your hands regularly. However, when traveling, water may not be readily available.

Your next best bets are alcohol, sanitizer, and wipes. Alcohol is the next best thing to washing your hands with soap and water. But if you have a sanitizer, it will do. Just make sure to choose sanitizers containing at least 60% of alcohol. Your last resort will be hand wipes; the best option will be those containing alcohol, at least 60% as well.

Disinfectant wipes will also come in handy when cleaning suspicious surfaces. It’s best to clean surfaces that you constantly come in contact with. This includes your phone and keys. When flying, clean your seat tables and armrests. This ensures that harmful bacteria and viruses are not transmitted from these surfaces to your body.

Travel extras

Now that we’ve talked about travel essentials during the pandemic, some travel essentials must not be forgotten even without the pandemic. These travel essentials include:

Storage bags

It’s best to stay organized when traveling. Hence, a great travel bag is important. Have a separate one for your travel safety kit so that it’s easily accessible. Have some small plastic bags ready as well. These small bags will come in handy if you need to throw away contaminated objects or look for a separate bag for other stuff.

Portable bidet

If you’re the type who doesn’t feel comfortable using a toilet without a bidet, a portable bidet is handy. Portable bidets will keep you fresh during the entire trip and will make you feel cleaner. It’s good for the environment, too. Rather than using large amounts of toilet paper, these sprays are reusable; all you need to do is refill them with water.

Portable is the keyword. With or without a pandemic, it’s important to travel light. This makes moving from place to place easier, removes the stress of carrying a lot of stuff, and makes the overall traveling experience more enjoyable.

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