Relocating to a New City: 3 Key Steps to Take

Relocating to a New City: 3 Key Steps to Take

Drafted by the Indiana Pacers and then traded to the Utah Jazz during the 2019 NBA draft, Jarrell Brantley will be relocating some 2,000 plus miles from Charleston, SC to a new town, perhaps Taylorsville or Murray, both just 12–14 minutes away from the Jazz’s home arena. As a new member of a homeowners community, there’s excitement and anticipation, but there are also challenges that one needs to face when relocating to a new city. Jarrell would probably not worry about things like real estate brokers, insurance, the cost of movers, or even the cost of a new house. That’s probably neatly tucked-in into his rookie-scale contract.

But what are some of the key questions you need answers to when planning to relocate to a new city?

What the Data Says

NBA players are likely to bounce around from one city to another during the course of their careers. It goes with the territory. But what does the data say if we’re talking about the average Americans?

According to the US Census Bureau, a person in the United States will move 11.7 times in their lifetime. If you find this figure too much or too low, you would still need some thinking to do.

Meditate like a Yogi


You’re a small entrepreneur with a business in California. You met the love of your life at a conference, and they’re from Utah. They ask you to move in with them. Suddenly your head starts to spin, and all kinds of questions overwhelm you.

Clearing your mind first and taking a step backward to really think about the situation might be the best initial step you can take. Short of taking the lotus position, closing your eyes and humming a mantra, deliberating carefully about a final decision will be good in the long run.

Is it your love for them that will make you decide to move? How will you survive a colder climate? Whether you’re a veterinarian or an accountant, these are the kinds of questions you want answers to.

“Haste makes waste,” as the adage goes. You wouldn’t want to make a life-changing decision that you would regret later.

Safety and Security Are Essentials

You will probably go through an elimination process in terms of what you are willing to sacrifice, like giving up the moderate climate of the west coast for the chillier temperatures of Utah. This is a crucial step and one that will likely have a cathartic effect. Job opportunities, cost of living, and transportation infrastructure will make the list of items that you will scrutinize.

Just as important, however, is the safety and security consideration, especially if you’re running your own business. What are some of the safety and security measures that you need to take that can protect you from any unfortunate events like burglaries, vandalism, or fire?

Getting your business and your property insured will probably be a no-brainer decision, particularly if you keep large inventories of goods in one place. Another option that will give you peace of mind will be the installation of security systems. The security system monitors entry points and other areas in a home or business, using sensors, cameras, monitors, or even smoke detectors.

Systems like these not only protect your premises from intruders, but it also keeps you safe from fires or dangerous gases leaks (e.g., carbon monoxide). Safety and security, just like the cost of living or lifestyle offerings are just as important when you decide to move to a new city.

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