Should You Have Regular Family Reunions?

Should You Have Regular Family Reunions?

If you have family members whom you haven’t seen in a while, you should consider organizing a family reunion. You can always reserve a function room in your local Gold Coast restaurant as a central meeting place. The benefits of regular family reunions cannot be underestimated. And once you share why your loved ones should embrace them, most people will be willing to come.

Here’s why family get-togethers are essential:

   1. Family reunions enable you to meet new members of the family

Just over 300,000 Australian children are born every year. When is the last time you met all the young members of your family? If your family is scattered all around the world, then it’s quite likely that you haven’t met the newest members yet.

Perhaps some of your relatives have gotten engaged and maybe even married abroad since the last time you saw them. Some members of the family might not have had the chance to attend the wedding due to the distance, cost, health, etc. But you would love to meet the latest additions to your family and get to know them.

For these reasons, it will be a good idea to have a family reunion. And you can make it a regular affair that enables new members of the family to be introduced to the rest. That way, everyone can get to know each other.

   2. Family reunions enable people to bid farewell to their loved ones

As people age, their time on earth becomes shorter. There is always a chance that they might die with old age complications when you least expect it. Medical illnesses are also another issue. Research shows that medical illnesses are the leading cause of death in Australia. These include dementia, heart problems, and cancer.

So what happens when one relative is old and wants to see their family members just once? Or what should you tell someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a limited time to live?


Disappointing someone facing the possibility of death is something that you might not be able to live with. That’s why you should have a family reunion. Give others the chance to see that person for what might be the last time so that they can bid them farewell. The ill member of your family will appreciate that gesture because it gives them the chance to see their loved ones and set their affairs in order.

   3. Family get-togethers give everyone a chance to bond and make amends

Family is significant. But when everyone is scattered all over the country or abroad, it is quite difficult for them to bond. Also, some people have had conflicts. One way of enabling them to make peace is to bring them together so that they can talk things over and try to make amends. That teaches the young members of the family to understand the importance of family unity.

   4. Family reunions enable members to tackle family problems together

A get-together also gives people the chance to discuss challenges that afflict various family members and the possible solutions to those challenges. As a result of such discussions, everyone can work together to raise money or offer practical help to those who need it. That then ensures that all members of the family can grow and move forward together.

Family reunions can be quite hectic to organize. But the benefits of having them regularly cannot be underestimated. You can, however, reduce your workload when you reserve a function room and let the professionals do the job of taking care of the guests on that day.

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