Spring Break Road Trip: 7 Places to Visit

Spring Break Road Trip: 7 Places to Visit

So you’ve been dying and looking forward all year long to traveling but don’t have enough money to buy a plane ticket? Fret not! Spring break is a great time to hit the road and visit places with breathtaking sights and amazing sounds. Take a look at some of our spring break road trip recommendations below:

7 Scenic Places to See This Spring Break

1. Joshua Tree National Park

Where: California

Joshua Tree National Park covers about a 70-mile road stretch. If you plan to visit the park, allot about half a day to explore its different terrains and enjoy its panoramic view. You might even get to the exact spot where Irish rock band, U2, had their picture taken for their Joshua Tree album cover.

2. New Orleans to Baton Rouge

Where: Louisiana

If you live in the state, head on down to your nearest RV dealers in Louisiana to get the most out of this trip. Of course, an RV is not necessary but it just makes the trip more fun.

The distance between New Orleans and Baton Rouge is only 110 miles but with all the historic sites and beautiful scenery, you might need to make it a whole day trip.

3. Newport to Seattle

Where: Oregon and Washington

Pass through180 miles of beautiful towns, green forests, and enormous pine trees between Newport, OR and Seattle, WA. Enjoy the sights and great food of Seattle or take a trip and take in all the breathtaking views of Newport and its excellent food choices.

4. Cape May to New York

Where: New Jersey and New York

With a 160-mile distance between the two places, the entire stretch of the road you will take is decked with some of the best beach towns on one end and a picturesque nostalgic region near Cape May with its retro-inspired diners and motels and Victorianesque homes.

5. Rapid City to Badlands National Park

Where: South Dakota

While Rapid City in and of itself is a great tourist destination especially for art enthusiasts and history buffs, it is also the doorway to Mount Rushmore and Badlands National Park.

Get behind the wheel and enjoy the unique scenery that rugged mountains, exquisite rock formations, and different types of wildlife have to offer.

6. Austin to San Antonio

Where: Texas

San Antonio is a fun place to be in all year round. However, springtime makes it more special with all its parades, food, entertainment, and flowers. Going on a trip from Austin to San Antonio, or vice versa, lets you enjoy different scenic towns and landscapes.

7. Phoenix to Flagstaff

Where: Arizona

road in Phoenix at dawn

Phoenix is lovely during this time of the year. The weather is nice and comfortable and the temperatures are at a pleasant mid-80s. Taking a trip all the way to Flagstaff, a city surrounded by pine forests, deserts, and mountains, leaves one exposed to the majestic beauty of Arizona.

Going on a road trip is definitely cheaper and can be a lot more fun and experiential compared to traveling by plane. Either way, what’s important is you make the most out of your trip and build as many pleasant memories as you can.

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