Storage and Distribution: Warehouse Must-Haves

Storage and Distribution: Warehouse Must-Haves

In warehousing and distribution, you need the perfect balance of storage space and delivery efficiency. That’s why warehouse essentials are so important.

Preparing stock for distribution needs to be done in a way that makes warehousing and shipments effortless, so you need the right equipment in place. Here are some of the best picks for your warehouse must-haves.

Storage Racks

Storing items on the floor is an inefficient way to use your valuable space, which means that investing in warehouse storage racks is a no-brainer.

Whether you’re looking for portable, folding, or stationary racks, many shelving companies have several options to suit your requirements and budget. A storage rack can conveniently store boxes on pallets away from the floor, increasing circulation space and reducing labor costs by allowing you to stack them up high.

Purchase high-quality storage racks that display your products clearly and are easily accessible, which will help you to reduce time-wasting when searching for items.

Warehousing specialists can advise you on the best layout for your racks depending on how much stock you’re storing, helping to keep even stacks of the product without wasted space.


You’ll want plenty of space to stack your stock, so make sure you have the right equipment to reach through your shelves with warehouse ladders.

A sturdy pair of warehouse ladders can help you reach up to eighteen feet of vertical space, so they’re an excellent choice for your high storage needs. It’s best to invest in ladders with anti-slip rungs, as this will minimize the risk of injury and help you quickly pick out the product you need.

It will also be better if you choose a ladder that will allow your workers to stand comfortably and reach all stock levels.

Packaging and Shipping Materials

Packaging and shipping materials are a necessary part of a warehouse operation, as they ensure that products don’t get damaged or lost en route to their destination.

The right packaging equipment will help ensure that products are securely sealed before they’re dispatched, so essential items like these should be on the top of your list.

You can use different materials for packaging purposes, depending on the size and weight of your products. Bubble wrap or foam casings provide excellent protection against impacts and scuffs, so they’re a must-have item alongside more heavyweight materials such as cardboard boxes. More so, consider purchasing small parcel tape and stretch film for your warehouse supplies.

Whatever it might be, you can always coordinate with your local shipping store to get the equipment you need.


Hand Trucks and Dollies

Having heavy or bulky stock can make it challenging to move around, so investing in warehouse equipment such as hand trucks and dollies is an important step.

These handy items give you a manageable way of transporting boxes from one location to another without carrying them.

A hand truck is a low-cost investment that will make your work easier, while a dolly gives you the ability to carry heavy or bulky loads on wheels rather than trying to pick them up with brute force.

They’re also helpful if you need to move stock around on different levels of storage space in your warehouse, making it a must-have for your warehouse essentials.

Pallet Trucks and Fork Lifts

Warehouse pallet trucks and forklifts are essential if you’re moving heavy loads around an ample space, as they make the work far more manageable.

Using these helps reduce physical strain on your employees, which is excellent news for your workforce and budget.

Pallet trucks are excellent value equipment that can be used for light loads on an even surface, while the more advanced forklift will allow you to move heavier loads around. These are especially useful if you need to reposition goods without assistance from other employees quickly.

Safety Gear

As with any worksite, it’s crucial to have a range of safety gear in your warehouse.

These items will prevent accidents from injuring your employees and damaging equipment, so they’re a must-have addition to your warehouse essentials.

You can purchase a wide range of protective clothing depending on the level of risk in your warehouse. Goggles and gloves will protect workers from flying debris, while ear defenders and helmets can minimize the risk of accidents with loud machines such as forklifts.

All of these items should be up to date to ensure that you’re working within legal requirements, so make sure you invest in high-quality wearables for all hazards.

When looking for items to include in your warehouse, you must ensure you have the essentials—investing in quality equipment that will make the job easier for your employees. More so, it’s essential to be ready and well-equipped to handle anything that might occur.

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