Techniques of Adding Texture to Your Workspace

Techniques of Adding Texture to Your Workspace

In the past, workspaces were mainly any space that accommodated employees and guests and allowed work to get done. While this might still work in today’s world, it is not enough. Employees are more interested in getting a work atmosphere that will get their creativity going and boost their productivity. Your office’s design is an essential element in attracting the right talent and giving the best impression to your guests.

Your first step should be finding a commercial fitout company in Melbourne that will not only supply high-quality office furniture but will also ensure that everything matches your workspace. The company will handle your space’s interior design, cabling, plumbing, HVAC, and other facilities that will make your office functional. One element that will create a ‘’wow’’ factor in your space is texture.

Here are some techniques that suffice for the addition of texture to your office space:

Choose the Right Fabrics

People assume that all the furniture in their workspace is wooden. While wood makes up a significant portion of your workspace, some of the furniture pieces will have fabric backing, especially in modern offices. The best choice for fabrics that will add some interesting texture to your space is a natural raw material. The popular alternatives, in this case, include leather and linen that add subtle elegance and warmth to your office and are easy to clean.

These fabrics can be used on chairs, table coverings, and ottomans. Curtains, sheers, and blinds also offer a perfect solution for adding some texture and height or width to your space.

Add Artwork

Framed artwork, stand-alone sculptures, and commissioned abstracts are among the best options for adding texture to your workspace and introducing a ‘’wow’’ factor to it. You can also introduce artwork in the form of traditionally painted pieces, woven rugs, baskets, and artsy wallpapers. Some workplaces these days are pushing the boundaries of conventional artwork with 3D printed pieces.

Texture the Walls

Ceilings and walls will make up the largest space in your office. Finishing them in interesting paint textures can provide that much-needed boost to your space. The application of French wash paint, for instance, can generate a cozy look that is perfect for hospitals, salons, boutiques, and restaurants where you want clients to relax. You can also opt for exposed beams or raw ply ceilings if you are aiming for an interesting ceiling.

Add Greenery

You do not need your space coming off as too serious even if you are in the conservative banking and legal sectors. Some greenery will light up your space and add some height and texture to it. The greenery should be added carefully to avoid dwarfing the other decor elements in your space or blocking light or employees. Some offices, however, have greenery to delineate areas and create some privacy for employees.

Workplaces need not be basic places for getting work done anymore. The above tactics for the addition of texture, along with a few decor elements, are important to achieve your business goals. Having them handled by a professional fit-out company is key to getting the best possible outcome.

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