Top Considerations When Setting Bail Amount

Top Considerations When Setting Bail Amount

When you or your loved one get a criminal charge and go to jail, the first thought is to post bail. Once you do, you resume your daily activities as you wait for your court hearings. The stay in jail is not comfortable, so the shorter you are there, the better.

Nevertheless, not all cases are the same and you may not get bail as fast as you want. The bail amount can also be too high for you to afford and you might need help from a bail bonds company in Charlotte. Below is a quick guide on the process of setting bail bonds.

Setting the Bail

It is the responsibility of the judge to hear the request for bail and make the decision. In some criminal cases, the judge will set a fair amount of bail or even deny you bail. The chances of bail denial are very low. When the bail amount is too high, your attorney can negotiate it for you. But what are the factors the judge takes into consideration when setting bail? Read on to find out.

Crime’s Risk to Other People

In some cases, if the judge releases a crime suspect, they are likely to cause harm to self or the people around them. You can get bail denial or an award of a large bail amount. When there are witnesses, the judge will most likely deny the bail. That is because harming the witnesses will affect the course of executing justice.

Criminal History

Have you been arrested before? Are you on probation or parole? A criminal history record may stand in your way of getting bail. If you are lucky to get bail, the amount will be high due to terms violation. The judge sets a high amount to keep you from getting into trouble in the future.

Flight Risk

Flight risk refers to the probability of a criminal suspect to disappear after release. When the suspect disappears, they will miss the court hearings and stand in the way of justice. Among the factors that contribute to flight risk are unemployment and criminal charges. An individual who has a record of skipping court hearings has a high risk of disappearing. In addition, you can get bail denial if the individual does not reside in the area they committed the crime or is not a citizen.

Bail Amount Too High?

man negotiating with a judge

Do you feel as though the amount the judge set is high? If so, the constitution protects criminal suspects from high bail amounts. You will need an attorney to represent you and negotiate the plea for you. During the hearing, the lawyer goes over the crime details with an aim to get a reduction.

When arrested with a criminal offense and a judge sets bail on you, you will need to pay the amount to get your temporary freedom. If you do not have the amount, contact a bail bonds company for help. The bondsman will understand your situation and determine whether the bail amount is rightful. You will learn more about the process from the bondsman. Upon agreement, you will get your freedom with the promise of appearing in court proceedings.

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