3 Tips for Foreign Companies Planning to Establish Construction Projects

3 Tips for Foreign Companies Planning to Establish Construction Projects

Sometimes, clients contract foreign construction companies to undertake their construction projects. That requires the contracted companies to conduct detailed planning in relation to the logistical requirements of the project. For instance, there may be a need to establish an operating base in the host nation and even transport their workers and equipment there.

Equipment planning

Construction projects often involve the use of various pieces of machinery such as earthmovers. The contracted construction company has to determine whether to purchase or lease such equipment. There are several businesses in New Zealand from which such construction companies can buy earthmoving equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. The decision to either lease or purchase such equipment will be determined by the expenses accompanying each decision. A company may even opt to purchase certain pieces of machinery whereas leasing out others. The decision is determined by the proportions that result in the least expenses.

Proper project management

Proper project management is a major challenge in the implementation of many projects. In fact, it may be considered to be the sole greatest cause of failure of many projects. The challenge becomes greater when the project to be managed is in a foreign country. There is a need to establish proper channels of communication that allow a seamless flow of information from one extreme end to the other. The project manager may consider adopting employee-oriented activities such as training workshops and team-building activities for their employees. The aim will be to create some form of rapport between himself and his workers and between the workers themselves. You can also incorporate training programs where the employees will be trained in how to operate various machines and equipment. The training may also cover employee safety to train the workers in how to conduct themselves within the project site throughout the project period.

Management of construction materials

Engineers in a construction site

An essential aspect of project management involves the management of construction materials. It covers a broad range of activities, including sourcing for suppliers, inviting bids, selecting a supplier, placing orders, and even managing the construction materials within the construction site. Initial steps such as sourcing for suppliers, which are often considered basic, become complicated when a foreign company has to coordinate with local sellers. There may be barriers related to communication, economic factors, and currency exchange. Such companies are, therefore, advised to begin material management as early as possible. Another important aspect of managing construction materials involves ensuring their security within the project site. Usually, construction materials are at risk of theft by parties from both outside and within the construction project. It is not always characterised by the physical storage of goods. It may be through overwriting of the expenses incurred in the acquisition of materials.

Whereas foreign projects are characterised by the need for detailed planning, they are often accompanied by relatively high profit margins. It is the profits to be accrued that make it possible to overlook the hurdles to be experienced in the planning stage. Foreign markets also provide an effective channel through which a construction company can penetrate a foreign market.

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