Designing Tips for an Urban Industrial Office Look

Designing Tips for an Urban Industrial Office Look

Office spaces nowadays do not just comprise a few furniture pieces thrown into a room to make a functional area. Office décor is all the rage. Businesses are now turning their workspaces into modern works of art.

While the trend in the recent past has been a minimalist contemporary design, companies are now leaning toward an urban industrial look. This trend replicates the warehouse look common in the early and mid-20th century.

The space created includes urban industrial furniture pieces mixed with just the right room décor to exude a warm and masculine yet chic office look which mirrors the industrial revolution era. The following are some tips for putting together this design for your office.

1. Go for rustic colors

A rustic color palette is one of the defining elements of an urban industrial look. The furniture, lighting, accents, and rugs of your space should all match this color palette. Burnt orange, beige, brown, black, gold, and grey are the dominant colors that should make up your space.

The sofas, tables, and chairs will naturally blend into this palette since they are constructed from leather and exposed wood and metal.

2. Pick bold furniture pieces

Industrial urban furniture relies heavily on unfinished raw wood sometimes mixed with metal. Go bold with your furniture selection. The coffee tables, chairs and storage cabinets should all feature exposed wood and metal.

One of the latest trends for coffee tables in this setting is a cement top surrounded by exposed wood trim and exposed iron or steel legs. The sofas and chairs should ideally have leather upholstery tufted with steel nail heads. Linen upholstery makes a good alternative for those who do not like leather.

3. Get creative and contrasting accents

An urban industrial look does not mean a severe one. Add some contrast and warmth to the bold furniture and rustic colors with throws or pillows. Get these in warm tones mixed with artistic flair.

Patterns and dots on the pillows, throws, and poufs will go some way in breaking the rustic furniture colors. Other than color, you can create contrast with fur rugs on the walls and floors or fur pillows.

4. Create open space with natural light

Modern office

Uncluttered spaces are among the defining elements of an urban industrial look. As such, leave plenty of space between the furniture and arrange furniture away from windows and walls.

The windows of your office should also be large enough to let in as much natural light into your interiors as possible. To further create an open space illusion, go for high ceilings with hanging rather than recessed lights.

The décor and furniture for urban industrial spaces are quite tricky to purchase. Most businesses pass off drab and old furniture as urban industrial, but this will only dull your entire area and make your office look cheap and run down.

Rather than walking up and down furniture shops, browse online stores. Here, you can access a large selection of the best furniture pieces, rugs, and other décor elements to turn your office into a chic and yet rustic environment.

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