Why City Dwellers Should Take Nature Breaks

Why City Dwellers Should Take Nature Breaks

Living in a concrete jungle can be draining, even without realizing it. They say the city is where life is. Even then for some reason all the gray buildings, wet pavements, and neon signs don’t really scream “life”.

Nobody was built to last to be away from mother nature for too long. But interestingly enough, it only takes at least a couple of hours a week in nature to feel restored. Just 1 0 minutes a week in nature can help boost health and well-being.

Clinical mental health counseling instructor, Dr. Susanne Preston shared in an article that spending time in nature is linked to decreased levels of mental illness, increased self-esteem, and reduced chances of obesity. For those suffering from a seasonal affective disorder, fresh air and sunlight help decrease incidents of episodes.

It’s important to take nature breaks when needed, or whenever one feels like it’s been a while since they’ve been surrounded by nature. Here are some ways city dwellers can take a break from the concrete “pastures”.

Have Some Plants in Your Workspace for Productivity

Other than their decorative and aesthetic sides, houseplants can be useful too. Considering the times of remote work and hybrid workspaces, having plants makes all the difference. If there aren’t any at work, at least the home office is more controllable on your end.

According to research, having indoor plants in the workplace boosted employee productivity by 15%. In addition, plants in the home have the capacity to alleviate stress and provide therapeutic effects such as reduced anxiety, improved concentration, improved happiness, among others. Plants are truly the little oasis of a city apartment.

Take Walks in Nature for a Connection

Nature walks are highly underrated. The place doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy, some trail or a park will do. However, it’s more enjoyable with good company.

Did you know that science backs this up? Having walked in nature with friends or family helps improve mood and mental well-being. Being surrounded by important people and nature is restorative. It offers health benefits, such as improved heart health, improved immune system, weight loss, and more.

Several studies have shown evidence that persons who engage in this activity regularly are more likely to form bonds with other people and the environment, as well as develop a sense of freedom.  It’s light exercise, heartfelt laughter, and good company all wrapped in one big package.

Speaking of weight loss, this might actually be the ideal setting for getting some exercise done.

walking at a park

Take a Nature Trip for a Change of Scene

Ecotourism is one of the sectors heavily affected by the pandemic, especially last year. The most common form of vacationing has been staycations at vacation rentals, resorts, and the like. With businesses and establishments resuming their operations, might as well add a nature trip to the list.

Living in the city can be isolating sometimes. This is actually a disadvantage of urbanization, along with a lack of social support, interracial conflict, and high crime rates. But having a healthy amount of interactions with nature can facilitate social interaction, improve interracial interactions, foster social empowerment, and social cohesion.

If accommodation is an issue, especially health-wise, consider looking for a luxury motorhome for sale or rent. When traveling, might as well be safe without sacrificing comfort. The environment where you’ll be staying is at least controlled, minimizing any possibility of contamination. Besides, taking nature breaks should happen often. It’ll surely come in handy for those spontaneous road trips with friends and family, or alone. That doesn’t sound half bad at all.

Get Into a Hobby That Brings You Closer to Nature

Other than nature walking, have a hobby or pastime that revolves around being in nature. Some examples include backpacking, hiking, trekking, kayaking, surfing, and more. You get the picture. Having any of these outdoor recreations like that will prompt frequent visits to natural settings. The surroundings aren’t the only thing that will benefit both mental and physical health, the sport itself will do the same too.

To make it more fun start these outdoor recreations with a friend, or join a class for it. Having other people to learn it with is an opportunity to meet new friends too. Being each other’s accountability partners and cheerleaders will make it an even more meaningful pastime.

Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with living in the city, it’s nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle of it all. It wouldn’t hurt to take a weekend trip out of town to de-stress and take a break from the screen.

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