Everything You Need to Know About Wheelchair Lifts

Everything You Need to Know About Wheelchair Lifts

If it’s not possible for you to walk due to a chronic illness, you might need a wheelchair to get to where you want to be with ease. On a side note, if you are in a wheelchair, there’s a more challenging thing that prohibits you from doing — reaching elevated surfaces. If you are insistent, you’ll seek assistance from others.

Are you tired of calling the person out to assist you with going to elevated areas in your house? Or do you hear them complaining? Worry no more, as you can find the best wheelchair lift in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What is a Wheelchair Lift?

wheelchair lift is a standalone device that provides access to a location where the installation of an elevator is not possible. This unit helps impaired individuals sitting in their wheelchairs overcome height barriers, such as verandas, stages, and stairs.

Installing a Wheelchair Lift

One can obtain a wheelchair transporter either by the permanent installation or a portable option. Interestingly, most users prefer the permanent installation, especially those individuals who opt to stay at home all the time. Other impaired adventures have both permanent wheelchair conveyor and the portable one to have a more comfortable life.

How are Wheelchair Lifts Controlled?

All functions can be managed by the standard hand-held control or the free remote control. The advancements in technologies today continuously improve the lives of people, even for impaired individuals. You can now control your wheelchair conveyor with a remote control app, which you can readily install in your smartphone. Amazing, isn’t it?

Two Types of Wheelchair Platform Lifts

  • VPL or Vertical Platform Lift: This device aims to aid people in a wheelchair to go up and down. This is very useful in verandas.
  • IPL or Inclined Platform Lift: This platform lift enables persons in a wheelchair to travel diagonally moving across barriers — stairs. This device is installed on a staircase (next to the wall) that travels along a rail while carrying the person in a wheelchair.

Do you know that other people are using wheelchair lifts to transport their things, such as a scooter? It’s perfectly fine to do this but to avoid damaging the system, make sure the load would not exceed 400 pounds. Anything less than that weight is okay.

Disability stairs lift facility

Things to Consider When Installing a Wheelchair Lift

Installing the wheelchair conveyor must be performed by a professional contractor because it can be complicated. Proper installation guarantees satisfaction and complete safety for the user. Now, here are the things to keep in mind before you install one:

  • Determine where you want to install the wheelchair conveyor.
  • Ensure that the structure is strong enough to hold the lift.
  • There must be adequate space where the lift will be moving.
  • Will you use the device for commercial or home application?

Choose the wheelchair lift that has working under platform safety pan. Sensors are attached on all sides to check any obstruction below the lift. Moreover, most wheelchair lifts come with battery backup power in case of power interruption. A wheelchair lift with a small ramp enables the person in a wheelchair to get onto the platform from the ground with less effort.

Being an impaired person is not a reason to lose the chance to enjoy life. Give your loved ones the comfort they deserve.

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