Four Secrets to Starting Your Own Skincare Brand

Four Secrets to Starting Your Own Skincare Brand

The beauty and skincare industry can be hard to break into. Usually, you will need somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000 to start a skincare line. That’s why many entrepreneurs who are passionate about beauty and skin care back out at the last minute. They are shocked at the cost of starting their own line of beauty products. But if you truly believe in your ideas, should money stop you from pursuing your dreams of helping people with skin problems?

The more brands are there in the market, the better it will be for consumers. People shouldn’t need to choose between Clinique and Kiehl’s, for example. They shouldn’t feel the need to look into Korean skincare products because they are more effective and cheaper even though they aren’t formulated for your skin type. You can break into this industry because the demand is huge, and not all beauty and skincare companies have been able to address these skincare issues.

Solve Problems

Why do you want to get into skin care in the first place? Is it because as a child, you also suffered from acne problems? Are you experiencing some skincare issues until today? You have to focus on a problem, so your products will not feel generic and vague. For example, you want people to achieve Korean glass skin. Your products will then center on those. If you want to help people with uneven skin tone, your products should be formulated to do just that.

Remember that your products can change people’s lives. Those who have difficulty socializing because they don’t feel comfortable in their skin will rely on your products. Commit to the skincare problems that you want to solve.

Find a Great Manufacturer

You do not need to be a dermatologist to create a line of skincare products. But you do have to study about it, do research, and absorb as much information as you can. Once you better understand what you want to share with your customers, you can then find a reputable and private label supplement manufacturer that formulates skincare products from the best herbs and plants.

Make sure to sit down with them so that they understand what you want—whether it’s starting from scratch or personalizing an already in-demand formula. Share with them your ideas and listen to experts as they talk about the pros and cons of each ingredient. Find not only a reputable private label manufacturer but one that strictly adheres to all government standards and regulations.

Get Personal


A lot of times, small business owners tend to think that they have to be like everyone else to satisfy their customers. This is not the formula to success. The reason entrepreneurs become successful is that they are unique. They focused on what kind of uniqueness they can bring to a brand. Do not be afraid to show your personality through your brand. No two people are completely alike, which means by putting your own personality into your brand, you are highlighting what will make your brand shine. That’s already a step forward to becoming an extraordinary brand.

Pick a Name That’s Easy to Remember

Unfortunately, no matter how great your products are, people are bound to forget about them if they cannot remember the name. Make the brand name easy to remember. What’s a good skincare brand without a great name? Although people love good products and great-sounding names, they will only remember how great the sound of your name is. So, before you think about marketing strategies, consider the name you will print on those campaign materials.

After you have picked your name, hope that it’s available. Make sure to list at least five good brand names, so you won’t need to go back to the drawing room if you realized the name is already taken. You also have to buy a domain for that name, so also check the web if there’s already an existing website with that name. If it’s still available, register the name as soon as possible.

As an industry worth billions of dollars, it is not exactly a walk in the park to infiltrate the beauty and skincare industry. However, it is also not impossible to build an empire from scratch. Many of the brand names you know now started from nothing. They worked their way up from sheer hard work and a bit of luck. The important thing to remember about building a skincare brand is the quality of the products. Because if you do not have good products, then your brand will not last a day.

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