Worthy Investments for Your Office Common Area

Worthy Investments for Your Office Common Area

Our office’s common rooms play a big part in our employees’ overall well-being and productivity. For many of our team members, it’s a place to escape from the day-to-day stresses of work, and it’s also a place where they can socialise with each other outside of a more professional setting.

Of course, every company has different needs, and what they place in their common areas varies from one office culture to another. But some additions are more worthy of investment than others. If you are thinking of ways to spruce up your office’s common room, here are some worthy additions you can invest in.

A space to rest and relax

If your business culture is fast-paced and depends on people’s productivity and energy, your company might benefit greatly from an area that’s solely dedicated to helping you and your employees relax, even for a few minutes. Here are some ideas for how you can spruce up this space:

  • Invest in some scented candles designed to help people relax and set an atmosphere of serenity in the room.
  • Check out some massage chairs for sale and consider investing in at least one. A full-body massage chair is known for helping to reduce stress and various pains and aches in our bodies. When you add something like this in the common area, it sends the message to your employees that you care about their well-being, especially if their line of work causes a lot of stress, like in customer service or dealing with high-strung customers and clients.
  • Design the common area like a home instead of an office. If you and your team worked from home for the majority of the pandemic, then many of them have probably grown accustomed to an office that makes them feel comfortable. Re-create this feeling by investing in a plush couch with soft throws, fluffy blankets, and area rugs. Some indoor plants and greenery would also go a long way in helping them breathe cleaner air and to relax their eyes.

An excellent coffee maker and a well-rounded pantry

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest industries that saw a shift during the pandemic is the coffee industry, with most Americans finding themselves having to settle for homemade coffee since the public health crisis began. Since the restrictions loosened up, many have had to get used to taking their coffee on the go.

If any of your employees learned how to brew their own coffee and found a mix that works best for them, make sure to have a coffee maker and coffee table that will help them brew their own cups to perfection. While the surrounding research varies, for the most part, caffeine is known for helping boost our productivity and cognitive function. In the same way that a space to relax is important, your employees will benefit greatly from a “charging station,” too, so to speak. Let coffee play that part for you and your team members.

Make sure to provide alternatives for your non-coffee drinking staff too. Hot cocoa and tea are always good options—and the best part is that they only require hot water. A well-rounded pantry is such an affordable way to keep your employees excited about going to work because they know there will be a hot mug waiting for them when they get to the office.

A sanitising station near the entrance

Another worthy investment you can consider is a sanitising station near the door. While vaccines are the biggest way to be protected against the virus, it also can’t hurt to keep up with our hygienic habits, like sanitising our hands. If you and your team use public transportation, you will benefit greatly from having an area where you can keep all your outerwear and masks and sanitise your hands and other items. It can be a mini mudroom but filled with necessities for keeping everyone safe from being infected. Here are some other items you can incorporate:

  • Sanitising wipes
  • Bottles of sanitisers with at least 70 percent alcohol
  • Temperature checker for anyone who’s feeling under the weather
  • A functional sink and soap, if the design or space allows for it
  • A closet where you can store your outwear and masks

If you and your team worked from home during the height of the pandemic, then all of you must already have a taste for working in a comfortable and homey environment. Re-create this feeling for you and your team by making these worthy investments for the common areas.

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