Fresh Graduates Thriving in Their Careers During the Pandemic

Fresh Graduates Thriving in Their Careers During the Pandemic

If there’s anything that teaches us every day that nothing in life is defined, it is the ongoing pandemic.

Since COVID-19 hurt the economy, the job market landscape came down with it. Fresh graduates no longer find themselves in several job interviews. Instead, they’re cooped up in their homes, weighing only a few job options.

Employees, on the other hand, are either laid off or paid only half of their salaries. Employers can’t be blamed, of course, because their revenue decreased significantly during the lockdowns.

But we can all pick up lessons from this crisis, the most important of them having a back-up plan for major setbacks like this.

For fresh graduates, here are some new goals to set that can make you optimistic about your future again:

1. Grab the First Work Opportunity

Before the pandemic, job applicants take their time in accepting an offer, because they have myriad options. But now that budgets are constrained, there aren’t as many job openings as before, limiting options of fresh grads.

Hence, if your situation requires you to make money immediately, grab the first work opportunity. It may not pay your ideal salary, but the chances of finding a higher-paying job can be low in these trying times. Consider that both employees and employers are trying to survive the pandemic, so every opportunity to make ends meet is a blessing.

2. Be an Intern for Free

Working for free might sound infeasible during a pandemic, but if you live in the U.S., unpaid work is more common than you realize.

Reach out to a company that you’ll love to work for, and offer your internship for free. Write a cover letter that’ll deliver an impact. For example, you can state, “your company’s mission inspires me, and I would love to help you stay in business during the pandemic.” Outline your skills, and commit your services how you see fit.

3. Expand Your Network

social media apps

Use this time to create an account on professional media platforms like LinkedIn to make yourself known to your potential employers. 70% of employers use social media to screen applicants, and 95% of recruiters admit to using LinkedIn regularly for hiring.

You can also expand your network by joining network organizations in the industry you’re specializing in. Partake in their monthly online meetings so you can stay inspired and gain ideas in business since employment opportunities are limited.

4. Manage Your Money Well

Because nothing in life is guaranteed, managing our finances has just gotten more crucial. Start with a savings account. Open a bank account in a renowned banking institution, and explore other investment opportunities as you grow your savings.

Consider freelance work to keep your income rolling. Go easy on acquiring credit, too; one credit is enough to build your positive credit history. Strive to pay your bills on time, even during the pandemic.

5. Start a Home-based Business

Since quarantines all over the world are implemented, people started adopting new hobbies and finding new ways to earn. Combine both by turning your hobby or passion into a business.

Below are some brilliant business ideas aside from selling:

  • Online consultancy — Can be about fitness, cooking, baking, music, photography, etc.
  • Tutoring — For students having a hard time with their IP chemistry tuition.
  • Freelancing — Freelancing gigs are usually in web design, content marketing, social media marketing, online PR activities, digital marketing, and sales projects.
  • Delivery services — Since online shopping has boomed exponentially during the pandemic, offer courier services to existing stores, and help them prevent delivery delays.
  • Freelancer Marketplace — If you have connections to many employers, offer to recruit freelancers for them. You’ll be similar to Upwork and

Your future may still be uncertain even with the efforts you’re exerting now, so focus on enjoying the journey rather than thinking about the destination. Use your optimism and ambition to propel you forward.

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