Getting People to Visit Your Online Shop More Often

Getting People to Visit Your Online Shop More Often

The Internet has made it that much easier to set up your own shop and reach consumers far and wide. This accessibility has its advantages, but it can also be a crutch when making its way for a vast market populated with thousands of other hopeful competitors vying for the audience’s attention. Not to mention other streams of media also take up space in the public mind. So, the clincher comes in drawing people to your digital shop and maintain this traffic. Here are some excellent ways to achieve that:

Offer affordable shipping

Cheap shipping rates can draw in customers, especially if you can have trusted providers doing the logistics. As much as online shoppers care about reasonable shipping, local or international, that gets their items efficiently and securely delivered to their doorstep, they are still more likely to opt for the cheaper option if they deem it reliable enough. More consumers are drawn in when online shops roll out free shipping promos. That is because people want the cost to be cheaper without sacrificing the quality of their shipments.


Have a feedback system

The vast majority of shoppers read online reviews and are more likely to trust a seller immediately even if they’ve never shopped there if they can see transparent feedback and an option to leave their own comments. 68% of online shoppers form their opinion of the store or brand after reading anywhere from one to six reviews, and a whopping 84% trust the integrity of the reviews they read even if they don’t know the posters.

Provide a clear return and refund policy

This step is just another factor that builds immediate consumer trust, and can even result in repeat customers if executed well. Consumer surveys show that most people base their purchasing decisions on how smooth the return and refund policy is, as it provides an added layer of security that they will get their money’s worth. 96% of consumers will continue supporting a retailer when they have a positive return experience, and around 69% opt not to buy anything if they don’t like or understand the returns policy.

Link to social media


These days, social media is an essential tool for advertising and building a following. By creating pages with content worth sharing, you can get people to willingly consume media about your own shop and use this as another way to reach customers. Having a presence on different platforms extends your reach to diverse audiences. It allows you to home in on what branding materials work and what your target market is currently drawn to.

Optimize for search engines

Search engine optimization is simply a must in this age if you want to remain relevant on the Internet. Using proper keywords that people search for can help you pop up in search engines organically and leads more consumers to your shop. That is a great way to reach their feed without coming off blatantly as ads.

If you put these into practice, you can give yourself a much better chance of catching traffic and retaining customers.

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