Keeping Yourself and Your Team Safe During the Pandemic

Keeping Yourself and Your Team Safe During the Pandemic

Whether you’re running a business in an area where the pandemic has subsided or not, sooner or later, people are going to have to go back to work. For you to make sure you and your team are safe from the virus, there should be some changes in your workplace and your overall attitude.

Here are a few of those changes.

Social Distancing

Regardless of the state of the pandemic, when people start coming in, social distancing should still be maintained. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, social distancing continues to be the most effective way to reduce the spread of the coronavirus disease.

In an office, your team may occupy every other or third station, depending on the layout of your workplace. If you’re unable to fit everyone in because of space constraints, it may be ideal for you to advise some team members to work from home.

This strategy should also be applied in stores, warehouses, industrial complexes, and other workplaces. If it suits your workforce better, your staff can use your workplace in alternating batches, as long as the area is regularly sanitized.

Maintaining distance should continue to be a must.

Personal Hygiene

According to Healthline, people touch their own faces as many as 16 times every hour. Since this is another potential source of infection, personal hygiene is an absolute must for people going back to work.

Whether people in your team take public transport or drive to work, they should first wash their hands and sanitize entirely before engaging in any work activity. They should also continue to do so regularly within the span of their shifts.

It would also be ideal if you can call out people when they touch their faces. That is good practice, and it will keep everyone safe.


sanitizing hands

Cleaning the workplace should be a top priority as well. Making sure everything is sterilized and sanitary is different from the usual end of the day cleaning you’re probably used to.

Wiping down every door handle, table, and other frequently touched surfaces with alcohol is also a good practice.

For best results, you can hire commercial cleaning companies that specialize in making sure workplaces are sterilized. These professionals have the right tools and training to deal with this, and they can help reduce the chances of infection.

Additional Facilities

Reducing the chances of infection means minimizing the points of interaction between your team. Creating more isolated workspaces can be a good start. Cubicles, for example, can be extended with plastic walls that reach to the ceiling.

You should also switch to touchless systems wherever you can, including timekeeping, billing, and other areas. These small changes will add up and help keep everyone in the workplace safe.

You can also establish sanitation or hygiene areas where people can wash up before and during their work hours. If everyone uses the same facilities, the chance of infection increases.


Finally, everyone must be on-board when it comes to safety. The effort of the collective is what will keep the collective safe. Explain to everyone in detail what your safety measures are.

Create a plan for when a colleague experiences symptoms as well. Encourage honesty and common sense when it comes to dealing with the virus.

Hopefully, you and your team will stay safe as you get back to work.

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