Improving the Safety of Workers During Road Construction

Improving the Safety of Workers During Road Construction

According to Safe Work Australia, the construction industry accounted for 33 out of 118 fatalities that were recorded in 2017. Workers in this industry are exposed to a wide range of potential hazards that include falls, scaffold collapse, electric shocks, and failure to use proper personal protective equipment.

Road construction zones present a deadly hazard not only to the workers but also to pedestrians and motorists. While these hazards occur due to various issues, marking roads with traffic flags, safety cones, and barrels can help oncoming drivers to know when they are approaching a construction zone. However, this isn’t the only measure that can be taken. Other important measures include:

Proper Management of the Construction Zone

Every road construction project needs a supervisor who will be responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone involved. A set of specific regulations should be implemented to govern the way flagmen operate and where signs should be placed. Also, workers should be trained to understand what should and should not be done in a construction zone. Since safety doesn’t start and stop with workers, you should also provide guidance and design recommendations that will enhance employee safety and reduce potential threats to their security. A properly managed construction job will not only be completed quicker but also have fewer or no accidents.

Personal Protective Equipment

Construction workers fixing the road

Your workers are critical to the construction process, and it is essential to ensure that their safety and well-being are taken care of. Ensure that workers have the right protective equipment and protective gear and know how to maneuver around large equipment. Reflective gear is also essential, especially if construction work is to be carried out when it is dark. In addition to providing protective gear, it is equally important to remind workers to stay vigilant and alert in a construction zone.

Employee Training

Training employees can help prevent many fatal accidents in construction zones. While you might have selected qualified employees for your project, every road construction project is different. There are many unique hazards and challenges that they might encounter and preparing them in advance can go a long way in preventing hazards and fatalities. Come up with a site-specific program for every site, which entails inspecting all machinery and equipment, educating employees and providing a plan for first aid and emergency medical care.

Providing a safe working environment for your workers is critical. However, make sure that your workers stay hydrated since they are susceptible to overexertion and heat-related illnesses, which can influence their performance.

In the end, ensuring that all employees have the necessary equipment and training isn’t easy. This is why it is crucial to work with industry professionals. By doing so, you can ensure that workers performing road construction are equipped with the latest knowledge and safety equipment. As an employer, you will definitely need to have a work plan ready before you commence the construction process. Your plan should include required safety standards and guidelines as well as hazard assessments and ways to mitigate them.

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