Pointers in Repurposing an Old Building for a New Commercial Space

Pointers in Repurposing an Old Building for a New Commercial Space

Old and torn-up buildings are only good to keep for several reasons such as serving a historical or sentimental purpose and becoming material for good old ghost stories. History and horror aside, however, they are still structures that were constructed for a purpose. They were intricately planned and mostly made from materials that we still use in today’s projects. Repurposing them to create new commercial spaces will take less time than construction from the ground up. If you’re looking to purchase one for the purpose of turning it into an office building, then you might want to keep a few considerations in mind. Let these pointers help you breathe new life and purpose to the old structure you’ve chosen:


Since it is an old building you’re going to work on, it will be a wonder if the building stood the test of time and remain completely structurally sound. Deterioration happens as time flies by, and it is unavoidable. Long exposure to the elements makes the steel and concrete brittle and weak. For this purpose, an inspection by a structural engineer should be arranged to make sure that the building will last and that you can even bring in a lining company to apply concrete that is chemical-resistant. This will guarantee you and your employees’ safety and avoid structural accidents such as corrosion that might cause the building to fall.

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Aesthetic Value

Most old structures lose their façade’s beauty due to natural and man-made destructive activity. Materials such as paint also have a tendency to degrade on a given amount of time if it’s not properly maintained or if the structure isn’t being used at all. You can consult architects about the design to either work with the existing structure or make improvements that will help both its functionality and aesthetic appeal. An office should look professional and maintain a customer-friendly environment. It will also help that you consider nature as part of your motif since this will add to the overall value of your office.


Lighting is very important in a working environment as it makes sure that all the employees can see and read what they are doing and guarantee quality and efficient work. Also, while you’re following the trend of eco-friendly choices, LED lights are your ally. They consume less energy while giving off the same light needed to do the job. It also helps that they are designed to maximize the output in a given room. Natural light is also essential, so position your windows and areas with the best spots possible for allowing sunlight. Tinted windows can also be utilized for this purpose since they allow light to pass through while filtering heat and UV rays that are harmful to humans.

It doesn’t matter if the old building is going to be used for commercial purposes; it still falls under the category of real estate. Take the time to search for great deals. Also, it would be helpful to know about the history of the place where the structure is built since this adds to the value. Acquainting yourself with the neighborhood can make it easier for you to ensure the safety of your employees. Don’t just choose a place simply because it costs less than most. Do your best to choose the perfect match.

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