Know People: How Your HR Team Can Use People Analytics

Know People: How Your HR Team Can Use People Analytics

Big data is becoming an essential part of today’s workplace. But it is not just analyzing the trends of the market where it is useful. Potential employees generate large amounts of data, and these tell many things about them. With the right people analytics platform, you can learn many data points so that you can create HR strategies that work. Here are some of the ways that you can use people analytics into the perfect tool to build your dream business team.

Finding Diamonds in the Rough

One challenge that HR teams have is finding talent. The traditional way of looking for skilled people is just to look at their resume. However, if your company has thousands of applicants every day, then wading through all of them can be a painful experience.

With people analytics, though, your software looks at all the potential applicants and uses a formula to select which ones will be prospective employees. The results are more precise while also being very quick. You can feed in the resumes in the morning, and you can have the results on the same day.

Evaluating Training

Colleagues discussing and training on the computer

Now that your HR team has collared a good set of employees, they have the responsibility of training them to do their jobs and additional duties. The problem with training is that it can be difficult to determine how effective it is.

Since the company spends thousands of dollars on training, they would like to know how effective it is. People analytics measures how the training courses they organize for them is producing results. Plus, the data they collect can help modify future training courses for increased effectiveness.

Ensuring You Are Getting the Best Performance

Employees generate large amounts of data when they work. All that can be put to use to determine their performance levels. There are key performance indicators in all jobs. For example, if you run a factory, you expect your people to produce a certain amount of work in a certain period of time. If they produce less, then there is something wrong that you might want to know about. If they are performing well beyond the indicators, then something is right, and you might want to duplicate that for other employees.

Monitoring and tweaking performance is pretty important. With the market so competitive, even a single positive change can mean thousands of dollars in profit.

Keeping Your People

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There are two ways in which people analytics can help you retain the people in your team. For one, you can use data analysis to determine the perfect salary for your employees at various levels. Your aim is to have people stay at their posts despite all the changes. People analytics can determine the ideal salary for various people on different levels so that they feel special and appreciated by the company.

The other way is to collect data on your worker’s environment. You then analyze it to create a better worker experience for them. If they like working with you, then they won’t end up leaving.

Placing the right person in the right place has a big effect on your company — this why the tips above should be a big help in understanding and mastering people analytics. Using the right data, you can be sure that your team becomes a well-oiled machine.

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