Commercial Property Maintenance 101: The Dos

Commercial Property Maintenance 101: The Dos

The proper maintenance of your building helps preserve its aesthetics and value. Routine maintenance tasks such as repairs and renovations are essential in the sustenance of your commercial building. These have long-term benefits because tenants desire to live in a well-maintained building.


A clean building attracts new tenants and is likely to retain the old ones. In the past, property owners faced the challenge of employing commercial cleaners. Currently, such challenges may be avoided by hiring a commercial building cleaning company. Professional cleaners carry out tasks, such as carpet cleaning, toilet cleaning, and window washing. They ensure that the interior and exterior of your building have a fresh look.

Cleaning your building’s exterior walls, pavements, and walkways enhance its curb appeal. Besides, de-cluttering your building helps avoid crowded spaces. Messy and dirty buildings cause customer dissatisfaction, which negatively affects your business. Steel, brass, and aluminum surfaces should be cleaned and polished regularly. They also need to be restored to their original states to avoid expensive replacements. Moreover, you must clean the gutters and windows regularly.

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade

Proper building maintenance tasks such as painting and roof maintenance should be carried out. Efficient drainage systems should be well-maintained to avoid water damage. Poor drainage adversely affects the health of the tenants and may cause damage to their property. Seeking the services of professional plumbers will help keep your drainage system in good condition. The roof of your building should effectively protect your tenants and their property from harsh weather conditions, such as rain and hailstones.

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A regular roof inspection should be carried out. Fix the leaking roofs immediately to avoid bigger problems. Damaged gutters should also be repaired to achieve efficient drainage. Electrical wiring systems should be in good working condition both in and out of the building. The systems should distribute power efficiently. Faulty wiring is a major cause of building fires. Installing a standby generator powers the building in the event of a power outage.

A fresh coat of paint and efficient insulation helps maintain a good look and feel. Upgrading your building’s heating and lighting systems is also important. Install automated lighting systems and smart thermostats that are energy efficient.

Waste management

Proper waste management helps prevent health and safety hazards, as well as maintain your building’s appearance. Scheduled trash pickup and disposal services help in managing waste. You can rent a dumpster from a waste management company. The dumpster is then regularly emptied by the trash company. It helps prevent trash buildup, which affects the reputation and appearance of your building. The foul smell that comes from trash puts off clients. Every room or floor of your building should be provided with a litter bin. The trash from litter bins should be regularly emptied into the dumpster.

Encouraging your tenants to recycle, reuse, and reduce waste is an effective waste management method. It also helps cut down on waste management costs. Wastes attract pests, such as rodents and disease-causing bacteria that may affect your tenants. Managing waste is, therefore, essential in ensuring safety in your building.

Proper maintenance of your building is important for the health and well-being of your occupants. It also results in higher financial gain. Scheduled maintenance, proper waste disposal, and regular cleaning are keys to ensuring the satisfaction of your tenants.

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