Events That Will Surely Boost Your Company’s Employee Morale

Events That Will Surely Boost Your Company’s Employee Morale

SUMMARY: There are numerous tips on how to boost your company’s employee morale. Here’s a detailed guide which contains events that will surely get the job done.

Your employees are the core of your company. They are the lifeblood that keeps it functioning, the indispensable force that strengthens its purpose.

Employees spend more time at work than at home. It’s not new to hear stories of them giving up a son’s birthday or a friend’s wedding, just so they can fulfill their duty at work. When treated right, they give more than what’s stated on their job description without being asked.

It is the company’s responsibility to make sure they remain comfortable and satisfied. From a business perspective, doing so will optimize your employees’ performance, thus your company. However, taking care of them is not only economical but humane and ethical. When you understand that they have a life outside the office, organizing events to boost employee morale in your workplace is not mainly for your company’s benefit. It is an act of gratitude on your part.

Tips on how to increase employee morale and performance are well-circulated on the internet. This guide, however, contains three events that will surely get the job done:

1. Activities that will showcase and cultivate their passion

Start by recognizing their identity beyond the office walls. They are individuals with hobbies and passion. Who knows? Maybe the Head of Security loves gardening. Perhaps, your HR Manager is a volunteer at the local animal shelter.

Doing so will make them feel like their worth does not solely rely on their work, that they matter too with what they are doing in their free time. It’s you telling them that you see them as people.

You can hold a showcase during the Christmas season– it doesn’t have to be limited to dancing and singing. You can also organize a one-day class every quarter where your employees can learn how to bake, play judo, or paint.

Let them know that you’re not taking their time away from living. Help them regain their spark for life.

2. Events that celebrate their career milestones

Whether it’s another year on the job or a project which succeeded, make sure you recognize these milestones by providing incentives. It can be in the form of many things: vacation, company dinner, or gift certificate. Celebrate every success, even in small ways — a cake for every birthday, for instance.

Make them realize that if they’d go the extra mile, you would too. At the end of the day, what employees want is to be appreciated for their hard work.

3. Events where you put their holistic health at the center

Holistic health requires maintenance. One’s emotional, physical, and mental wellness is unachievable in a single event. What you can do is disseminate the information that, yes, they should, and they can care for their holistic health even when they are busy at work.

Since a physical examination is required every year, you can include assessment and therapy in the program. They can choose to go through it or not, depending on their comfortability to the idea.

Work can be stressful. You don’t know what everyone’s going through. Only a few people know the extent of what they, themselves, are going through. Advocate mental health in your company; create a culture where it is given utmost importance.

Exercise is helpful to everyone’s overall health. With work being difficult enough, employees would sometimes prefer to go home rather than go to the gym. The solution to this is to organize yoga classes or other forms of exercises after office hours.

Employees are asking for one thing: to be treated fairly. Treating them fairly means recognizing their individuality– that each one is not a mere number constituting a collective.

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