McAllen: An Ideal City to Live In

McAllen: An Ideal City to Live In

palm treesPalm trees, stunning views, a rich wildlife, pleasant weather and low cost of living… Sounds ideal? These features are what make this South Texas city in the Rio Grande Valley a great place to live in — McAllen! If you're considering moving to the city, we have provided some necessary information to prove that choosing McAllen for your relocation is a wise decision. 

Why Move to McAllen, Texas

Although it's one of the most populous cities in Texas, McAllen is still a top choice for many people when it comes to raising a family. Accordingly, continuous demand makes the real estate industry boom. In fact, a lot of buyers turn to various purchase agreements and home loans to acquire a property in McAllen.

The qualities that make McAllen particularly endearing is its climate, affordable costs of living, availability of quality education, arts and culture, and of course, an abundance of employment opportunities. Below, we'll discuss each one briefly.

  • Climate

It's not an exaggeration to claim that McAllen maintains a nearly perfect, moderate climate all throughout the year. Citizens enjoy the average yearly temperature of 84.7 degrees, due to fewer events of rainfall. Because the city is packed with sunny days and shady palm trees, people no longer have to travel far to subtropical regions to experience a warm climate.

  • Affordability

McAllen is also regularly classified as "below the national average" when it comes to the cost of living. According to an article published by CBS News,  the average cost of owning a home in this Texan city is the third least expensive in the entire country, with an average rate of $178,000. 

Moreover, if you opt to rent a two-bedroom/two-bath apartment, it will cost you about $708, which is way cheaper than the rental expenses in most highly urbanized areas. In addition, despite its large population of 130,831 residents, which translates to higher demand in real property and commodities, McAllen is still 16.2% cheaper than the national average cost of living.

  • Education

Well, of course, education plays a vital role in your decision-making, especially if you're a graduate student looking for an ideal institution or have school-age children. 

The proximity of academic establishments will never be a problem in McAllen at it's located near five institutions of higher education including The University of Texas-Brownsville, The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, Texas State Technical College, South Texas College, and Texas Southmost College. To add, McAllen also houses plenty of top-performing educational institutions in its independent school district.

  • Arts and Culture

art gallery

With its vivacious arts scene and rich entertainment industry, McAllen is bursting with museums, theatres, and art galleries. If you’re a party goer, the city also has an active nightlife and countless live music venues that you can visit.

Moreover, residents and tourists alike can enjoy many live theatrical performances, symphony orchestra performances, and other cultural activities that are widely available in the area all throughout the year. Simply put, in McAllen, you’ll never run out of things to do.

  • Employment Growth

McAllen has been reported to project an annual 3.9% employment growth, which is why it earned the third top rank in Forbes's list of "best cities for job growth" in 2014. Additionally, it was recognized in 2013 as the city with the 17th fastest growing rate of employment.

Indeed, McAllen is an agreeable place to live in. However, you should also prepare well by doing a research on its rules and regulations, as well as the laws of Texas (if you're moving from another state), to assure your harmonious legal compliance during your long-term stay.

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