Qualities to Look For in a Public Adjuster

Qualities to Look For in a Public Adjuster

Are you currently looking for a reliable public adjuster in Miami or other location to help with your insurance claim? If you do, then you have to know some critical pieces of information to know whether or not you’re hiring the right person for the job.

Public insurance adjusters work for policyholders and not for the insurance company and they are expected to work their clients’ best interest. Their expertise in processing claims and negotiating with insurance companies is essential in ensuring a smooth claims process and the highest possible compensation for the policyholder. Knowing just how critical their roles are in your claim, it’s only wise to do your homework and check an adjuster’s background before hiring him or her.

Here are five qualities that you must look for in the public adjuster that you’ll hire:

1. Has solid credentials.

Has the adjuster been practicing for many years or decades? Does he or she have a long list of clients? Are there people vouching for the adjuster’s skills in handling insurance claims? These are just some of the questions that you have to find the answer to gauge the credentials of your adjuster. You can ask around for recommendations or check with the Better Business Bureau to inquire about the adjuster’s professional record.

2. Licensed.

No public adjuster should practice his or her profession without the necessary license from the state and other professional and regulatory organizations. A simple inquiry with your state insurance department can take care of this concern. You could also ask your adjuster directly for any proof of legal entity as a practicing public insurance adjuster. An adjuster’s license forms part of his or her credentials.

3. Charges competitively.

Keep in mind that you are filing for an insurance claim because something bad happened to you or your property (like a fire incident or theft). This means that you’re in a distressing situation in which you are financially-challenged, hence your claim for compensation from the insurance company. The last thing that you want is an insurance adjuster who charges an arm and a leg for the services that he or she offers. You should, therefore, check whether the adjuster charges competitively (something in the region of 5% to 15% of the amount that the insurance company will eventually award to you). The lower the professional fee you’ll have to pay, the better.

4. Has unquestionable integrity.

Public adjusters are expected to conduct their business with the utmost integrity. They are duty-bound to play by the rules governing insurance claims and should, at all times, work for the best interest of their clients. They should strive to secure the maximum compensation as stated in the policy holder’s insurance coverage. Their actions and decisions must not be influenced by external parties and must only stick with the facts of their clients’ claims.

5. Highly professional.

senior couple talking to a public adjuster

Relative to integrity is the adjuster’s manner of conducting business with clients and the insurance company. An adjuster should be polite and honest with you at all times. Your adjuster should make you feel at ease and confident that your best interest is being promoted. Finally, the adjuster should constantly and openly communicate with you everything related to your claim so you’re always on top of your claim’s status.

Just use these qualities as your guide and you’ll have an easy time finding the right adjuster. Keep in mind that your choice is critical, as it could make or break your insurance claim.

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