17 Types of Rental Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide

17 Types of Rental Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Rental businesses are becoming more profitable today than ever before.
  • A rental business offers massive potential for recurring revenue.
  • Residential property and equipment are among the most sought-after rentals.
  • Market research and analysis are crucial for the success of rental business ideas.
  • Event decor and equipment are some of the most rented items in 2023 so far.

Today, renting is no longer only applicable to real estate. Instead, the rental business has become so versatile and all-encompassing that more and more first-time entrepreneurs are willing to develop a business in the renting industry.

Whether we’re talking about renting boating gear, clothes, or tech equipment, the market definitely allows for creativity and is open to everyone. In essence, rental businesses are all about sustainability and convenience, so appealing to a customer’s sweet spot is the ultimate goal.

But how do we know which asset to rent? How can we make sure it will be a success? Stay with us as we elaborate on 17 super interesting rental business ideas to try in 2023.

What Is a Rental Business?

A rental business is one where a company owns things like equipment, cars or other items that people can rent for a fee. This can be really helpful because the company doesn’t have to buy new things all the time. At the same time, it’s usually cheaper for people to rent something instead of buying it outright.

Benefits of Starting a Rental Business

Besides being your own boss and catering to an industry you choose, turning your rental business ideas into a reality can be a great option for growth and an amassing experience for the future. Some of the most noteworthy perks of starting your own rental company include the following:

  • Potential for recurring revenue
  • Low start-up costs
  • Use a single asset to serve multiple customers
  • High-profit margins
  • Flexible location and operating hours
  • Growth and diversification opportunities

Types of Rental Businesses

A lot of entrepreneurs will agree that the best rental business ideas are ones that scale. By scale, we mean being affordable to start, coming with low overhead costs, and growing to be as profitable as possible without requiring too many funds to launch.

house property

Residential Property Rentals

This category is probably the staple of the rental industry, and for a good reason, too. If you’re wondering how to start a property rental business, know that residential assets are always in demand, especially in touristy areas and places with many colleges and universities.

The most common property rentals include:

  • Renting a space for a business
  • Apartment rentals
  • Land rentals
  • PG room rentals
  • Vacation property rentals
  • Campsite rentals, and more.

Commercial Property Rentals

Birthday parties, weddings and other types of live events are a great market for rental businesses. Items for these events are often used once, providing joy and laughter within a day.

Tents are a must-have for charity events, sporting events and farmer’s markets. With tent rental companies now offering stylish, irregular-shaped canvas tents, they’re also becoming popular at weddings.

Equipment Rentals

This particular service industry provides equipment, machinery and all types of tools in all sizes (power generation to hand-held tools, earthmoving to powered access, etc.). If you live in an area that sees a lot of construction projects, this rental business idea is worth trying out.

Vehicle Rentals

Vehicle rental is a popular business idea, with a high profit potential. There are many different types of ideas for vehicle rental service that you can explore! Some of the options include:

  • Car rental (both usual and luxury are among the most profitable car rentals)
  • Boat rental, jet ski rental, and ATV rental
  • Truck rental
  • Bicycle rental
  • Commute bus and party bus rental
  • Electric scooter and e-bike rental
  • RV rental and boat house rental
  • Private jet and helicopter rental

Furniture and Appliance Rentals

Whether you’re a student in a new city, or setting up a new office, purchasing furniture for limited use can be a costly investment. New parents buying baby furniture is a great example of furniture that is useful only for a particular period. This furniture turns into a waste of money and space once children grow up. This is why many parents today are opting for furniture rental instead.

Audiovisual Equipment Rentals

Speakers, laptops, mics, projectors, plasma screens, sound systems, lighting, walkie-talkies and other A/V equipment are great business assets to offer to the public. Not a lot of people have these readily available. When they do need them, your company can be the one they turn to provide them with all they need.

Clothing Rentals

The clothing rental business is quickly becoming the next big thing. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy luxurious clothes that are for one-time use only.

This is where the trend of renting clothes for a day comes in. Renting clothes is becoming a new normal as it’s a cost-effective option for those who want to wear amazing clothes to events without shelling out exorbitant sums of money.

  • Grand clothes worn at special occasions
  • Formal wear
  • Unusual costumes
  • Event or party costumes
  • Vintage collections

Costume and Prop Rentals

If you live in an area that’s famous for movie sets and is the go-to location for filming, you might want to consider starting a prop and costume rental business. Tables, books on a bookcase, fancy plates in a china cabinet, chairs, pictures on a wall, settees, hats, eyeglasses, wallets, pocket watches and so on are frequently used props.

Sports Equipment Rentals

Offering bikes, skis, snowboards, hiking equipment, watersport gear and more is the perfect rental business idea you can monetize on. This is especially true if you live in an area that attracts a lot of visitors for different sports activities.

Party and Event Rentals

Starting a party rental service business can be a lucrative venture as parties are held throughout the year and there is always a demand for party supplies. You could offer rental packages for various events such as picnics, birthdays, reunions and more. This type of business can generate customers for your services year-round, providing a steady stream of income.

Boat and Watercraft Rentals

Canoeing and kayaking are popular tourist activities that offer customers a calming and leisurely type of experience. Successfully running a kayak and canoe rental business requires having sufficient storage space and the means for transporting the rentals.

Tech Rentals

Kicking off a tech rental business can prove to be an amazingly profitable business idea. With a lot of startups popping up each year, it’s safe to assume not all of them have the financial strength to purchase all the tech gear they need.

Your tech rental business can offer laptops, tablets, XBoxes, smartphones, cameras and other tech goodies.

Medical Equipment Rentals

Patients may require specific equipment either after being released from the hospital or if they receive long-term care at home. These equipment pieces include:

  • durable and disposable medical supplies
  • mobility aids (walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, prostheses, hospital beds, oxygen concentrators)
  • personal care aids (bath chairs, commodes, dressing aids)

Camping Equipment Rentals

Renting camping gear makes sense for occasional campers. From backpacks and tents to cookware and hiking poles, your potential clients can choose everything they need for the next adventure. You can include glamping items and offer your customers the option to enjoy your luxury amenities in canvas tents.

Musical Instrument Rentals

Anything from guitars and pianos to drums, brass, and woodwind instruments can be rented to the right customers. They can rent the instruments for a designated period. Some rental agreements may allow for the option to purchase the instrument at the end of the rental period.

Home Decor Rentals

This niche of the rental industry is tightly connected to real estate. Realtors that are flipping houses will almost always hire a staging company to decorate the property with the goal to sell it. By starting a home decor rental business, you’ll be renting decor items such as pillows, throws, dinnerware, wall decor and other aesthetics that realtors need to close a deal.

Generator Rentals

Business owners that depend on an uninterrupted flow of electricity will flock to a generator rental business to make sure their operations are not affected by power outages. You can rent out generators to data centers, banks, as well as homes and businesses in areas with unreliable electricity infrastructure.

How to Start a Business Rental Property

If you’ve made the decision to kick-start a business rental business, kudos to you! However, keep in mind several aspects to answer the question of how to start a business rental property.

Market Research and Analysis

Market research is key! It will show you which parts of the market are overcrowded so you can maybe dabble in those particular areas. Do some market analysis and see how your products compare to the competitors.

Identifying Target Customers

If this box is not checked, you might be in for a flop. Knowing your target audience is closely related to your marketing success, and ultimately to your odds for profit.

business planning concept

Developing a Business Plan

Before diving into a new rental business, it’s vital to have a precise and comprehensive plan due to the significant investment involved. A good plan should be easy to understand within five minutes, and it will guide you on how to proceed.

Legal and Licensing Requirements

Check with local authorities to inquire about licensing. Doing so will help you understand whether your rental business requires a license to operate, and how you should label your business entity.

How To Manage And Operate A Rental Business

From managing your inventory to promoting your business, there are quite a few aspects to bear in mind when operating a rental business.

Inventory Management and Maintenance

Before anything else, you need to secure a place for your inventory. Next, make a habit of managing and maintaining your inventory so you don’t end up wasting your product due to poor maintenance.

Pricing Strategies and Rental Agreements

If you want your rental business to attract clients, make sure you develop a fair pricing strategy. Familiarize yourself with the pricing habits of your competitors and offer a suitable alternative. Also, pay attention to creating fair rental agreements that will safeguard your business but not be damaging to your customers.

Marketing and Promotion

Make sure you understand the gist of a good marketing campaign. If you can’t run it yourself, hire a professional team. Offer appealing promotions like coupons, discounts, etc.

Customer Service and Support

This is very important. As a rental business, you want your customer to keep coming back. Invest in solid and responsive customer service to handle all customer-related issues.

What Are The Challenges and Their Solutions in the Rental Industry

From keeping up with the competition to staying afloat with the logistics, let’s go over some of the challenges for a rental business.

Competition and Market Saturation

Even if your business idea is great, if you pitch it in a saturated market, you’ll have a hard time breaking through and attracting clients. To avoid this, develop new strategies to compete in a saturated market, seek out gaps in the market, and focus on those areas. Also, offer loyalty programs or other incentives to retain customers and increase revenue potential.

Managing Rental Inventory and Logistics

One of the solutions to managing your rental inventory and logistics is to leverage technology solutions such as asset tracking and inventory management software.

Dealing with Late Payments and Damage

Keep track of late payments and damages by using data analytics tools to identify patterns and potential issues ahead of time. In addition, you can offer incentives for early or on-time payments.

Adopting Technology and Online Platforms

Turning to online platforms can ease the way you’re doing business, in terms of keeping track of the supply and demand chain. In addition, using some of the new technologies in data tracking can also be of great help.

rental business

How To Start Your Own Rental Business?

  1. Choose the rental business you wish to start.
  2. Develop a comprehensive business plan (include financial projections and market research).
  3. Secure financing and register your business with the appropriate authorities.
  4. Acquire inventory and any necessary equipment for your rental operation.
  5. Determine pricing and marketing strategies.
  6. Launch your rental business and manage it by utilizing efficient inventory management and customer relationship practices.

Advice for Rental Business Owners

  • Keep detailed income and expense records for tax purposes.
  • Learn about tax deductions available for rental business owners.
  • Get advice from experienced rental business owners and professionals in the industry.
  • Build a strong online presence to attract and keep customers.
  • Invest in high-quality inventory and equipment.
  • Create a comprehensive business plan.
  • Stay up-to-date on industry changes and regulations.
  • Communicate with renters and address issues promptly.

Sustainable Practices in Rental Businesses

  • Use biodegradable packaging
  • Eliminate paper usage
  • Conserve water
  • Consider renewable energy
  • Invest in green projects
  • Develop a recycling program
  • Reassess your supply chain
  • Educate employees.


What do people hire the most?

According to customer habits, event decor and equipment are the most rented items in 2023.

What industry hires the most?

Construction, finance, insurance, transportation, data science, cybersecurity, and healthcare are some of the industries with the most job openings.

What fields are always in demand?

Computer management, technical writing, web development, paralegal, and market research analytics are some of the fields that are in constant high demand.

What are examples of rental goods services?

Any goods to be supplied to the renter on a lease basis, such as clothing, cars, home decor, tents, tables, chairs, cameras, tools, and equipment for construction and home maintenance, etc.

What is rent in entrepreneurship?

In entrepreneurship, rent basically means a type of profit called the Schumpeterian rent. It happens when entrepreneurship works together with things like money and labor. It’s a special type of profit that can be really good for growing a business and being innovative.

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