Restaurant Maintenance: The Items to Remember in Your Cleaning Checklist

Restaurant Maintenance: The Items to Remember in Your Cleaning Checklist

There are many factors considered in what would be called a good restaurant. One of these is cleanliness. You wouldn’t want to eat in a place with contaminated food, would you? It doesn’t matter if it’s caused by pests, rotting ingredients and dishes, or simple human touch. Dirty would still be dirty. Given such a situation, you should always have a regular cleaning of your establishment. While you’re making your checklist, never forget to put in and clean out these items.

Grease Traps

If you’re working with a lot of oils in your dishes, then your restaurant is highly likely to have a grease trap somewhere in the ground. Normally, you would need to clean it out every two to three months, but being out of sight can make you want to leave it for a longer time than you should. A bad smell is naturally associated with them, but when that stench reaches to parts that shouldn’t, it’s high time that you call on industrial pumping services in Salt Lake City.

Ice Makers, Bins, and Scoops – It can be easy to think that anything that handles and stores ice won’t need any cleaning. After all, it’s simply frozen water and you don’t have to clean that, right? However, if you’ve been anywhere near an ice machine, you know that it can get pretty dirty in a surprising amount of time. It can also get particularly nasty and troublesome to handle if you leave it for too long. Make a habit of cleaning the machine and any containers and scoops often.

hot and cold water dispenser

Drink Dispensers

Another area that people may forget is the drinks section of the restaurant. Many beverages that restaurants serve, such as sodas and juices, have sugar in them. This can easily deposit on the nozzles and encourage bacteria to thrive. Even containers that you use for water should also be cleaned regularly. If you can, you should do it daily. Remember that a lot of people still handle these, so you would have to do your best to keep up your cleaning and maintenance.

Tabletop Items

Often, condiments and seasonings are available on the tables for customers to use. Considering that there are many people coming in and going out of your restaurant, you can only imagine how many have handled their containers. Keep in mind that not everybody washes their hands before eating, and some of them may have handled something dirty before they went to your place. Remember to clean them every day in order to minimize the amount of cross-contamination that occurs. Don’t forget to clean the menus as well.

The food business can be tough on those who tend to be sloppy when it comes to their cleaning habits. If an inspector or a customer notices that something is amiss, then you face the possible danger of closing. That’s why you should make all effort to maintain your establishment’s cleanliness and sanitation. A clean restaurant is a healthy, productive, and profitable restaurant.

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