What You Need To Know Before Starting a Shooting Range Business

What You Need To Know Before Starting a Shooting Range Business

These days, people are looking for others ways to relieve their stress. There feel bored doing the same stress-relieving activities that they are now after for something new and fun, and can pump their adrenaline levels even for a few minutes each day. And what better way to leverage this information than by starting a business that can cater to this demand?

You might think about what business you should put up that is unique, does not require too much investment, and has large market potential. Well, how about a shooting range business?

If you personally enjoy shooting inanimate targets for fun and when trying to relieve stress, this venture is for you. But before anything else, here are some things worth knowing before putting up and running this type of business:

Check Necessary Zoning Laws or Permits

You first have to check with your local government if any zoning laws or permits are necessary to operate a shooting range in your area. You would not want to put up your business only to find out later that your locality does not allow such a venture due to safety reasons.

You can check with your city or county clerk’s office. You may also need a site plan indicating where you intend to build your business and other necessary documents to support your application. Use this opportunity to ask all your questions. Let them know that you are willing to adhere to any zoning law or permit to ensure the safety of your proposed business.

Invest in Professional Shooting Range Development Design and Engineering

After checking and securing all the necessary permits, your next step is to invest in a professional shooting range development design and engineering. This will help ensure that your business complies with all safety standards and regulations. A professional company specializing in designing and developing shooting ranges can help you with everything from site selection to construction.

When looking for a company that can create firing range designs for your new business, do your research. Not all companies have the expertise needed to craft and develop shooting ranges. You want one that can optimize the use of space and ensure your clients’ safety and engagement while keeping standard regulations in mind.

Look for one with a great track record in creating firing range designs for businesses. This will give you peace of mind knowing the ones who designed your shooting range are experts in their field. It also helps if the company sells the necessary safety equipment and features you need to include in your business. This will make it easier for you to kick-start your venture.

Create a Business Plan

business planning idea on a notebook, with pen and coffee

Like any other business, you also need to have a solid business plan before constructing your firing range. This document will serve as your guide in terms of making sound financial decisions for your business.

Your business plan should include your company’s objectives, target market, marketing strategy, and financial projections. This will help you determine the estimated cost of putting up your shooting range business and the potential return on investment.

Make sure to create a realistic business plan. Do not over-promise or under-deliver to your investors or target market. This will only lead to disappointment and could potentially damage your reputation.

Get Insured

This is non-negotiable. You need to get your business insured against any liability claims that may arise in the future. Remember that people will be handling firearms in your shooting range, so you must prepare yourself, your staff, and your business in general for any untoward incident that may occur.

There are different types of insurance policies you can avail of depending on the coverage you need. You can talk to an insurance broker to help you determine which policy is best for your business. Remember that one insurance you cannot take for granted is a general liability insurance policy.

general liability insurance policy will protect your business from any third-party bodily injury or property damage claims that may arise with your business operations. This will help you avoid shouldering the cost of damages that your customers may incur while they are on your premises.

Aside from a general liability insurance policy, you may also want a commercial property insurance policy. This will protect your shooting range’s physical structure and the equipment and supplies inside it in case of fire, theft, or vandalism.

Get the Proper Training and Certification

Of course, you cannot just open up a firing range without having the proper training and certification for yourself and your staff. You may be able to find qualified employees to staff your business, but it would be best if you are also knowledgeable about the ins and outs of running a shooting range.

There are many ways to get trained and certified. You can take an online course, join a professional organization such as the National Rifle Association, or undergo training at a law enforcement agency.

After getting the necessary training, the next thing that you need to do is to get certified. You can check with your local gun club or law enforcement agency on how to do this. Once you have the training and certification, you are ready to open up your own shooting range business.

Opening a firing range business can be an excellent investment for entrepreneurs interested in the firearms industry. However, there are several factors you must consider before making this type of investment. By keeping this list in mind, you will find it easier to get started with your shooting range business.

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