Strong Company Culture: Key to Surviving the COVID-19 Era

Strong Company Culture: Key to Surviving the COVID-19 Era

You may underestimate it. But your company’s culture is vital to the survival of the organization during the pandemic. In essence, COVID-19 is one gigantic litmus test for all organizations on the planet. By putting restrictions in place, we are forced to deal with limited resources. For one, the supply chain is disrupted. There are far fewer ways we can move products globally. Worse, the way we work has been drastically affected.

In challenging times, a top-notch culture would shine. Workers are bound to go out of their way to care for one another as relationships that have been forged in the workplace are rooted deeply. However, a negative culture can put everyone on their toes. Chances are people will bolt your organization when bad things happen — such as the virus.

It was the brilliant psychoanalyst and management consultant that is Elliot Jaques who introduced to the world and coined the word corporate culture in 1951 through his book The Changing Culture of a Factory. And the organizational genius Canadian was spot-on. We need a company culture to maximize productivity, raise the bar and set the tone. Here’s why.

Culture is Your DNA

Ask anyone working in your organization this question: Can you describe time with your company in 5 ways? Chances are the worker is bound to tell you how awesome the culture is. And how much he loves working for the company. On the other end of the spectrum, he can also tell you he’s not really satisfied and how people are not treating him with respect.

Well, you may not have instructed the person to talk about culture but it’s highly likely he’ll spill it out. Culture affects everyone.

Take note. Your culture defines you. It’s your DNA. So it defines how your company deals with other companies, with your suppliers, and with your captive clients. Also, it defines how each employee interacts with one another.

Moreover, company culture boosts worker morale. It’s the stage that spotlights the best and the worse of the company. It’s for this reason that a great culture is a very powerful magnet to attract the best and the brightest.

Defining a great company culture, therefore, is a must. Thus, when two companies merge or when one company acquires another, one of the most important things to consider is to create a culture that allows for everyone to co-exist. It’s needed.

More often than not, a merger and acquisition consulting service is tapped to help in the transition of two companies merging to ensure the cultures between the two organizations combine seamlessly. And not clash. Expert professionals will develop an integration plan to address key areas to transformation. And top of their list is the company’s culture.

Strong Cultures Breed Great Performance

That employee morale is down these days is a given. With all the negativity surrounding us and the state of our affairs at home, it’s hard not to be affected. But here’s the exciting thing. A strong culture is a great morale booster.

When culture is topnotch, people tend to produce better. And it goes beyond just the paycheck. In a sense, people carry each other when the going gets rough.

It’s no surprise that the top tech companies have made it developing a company culture that rocks a priority. Google, for one, has been a shining example of such. Even those outside the company know how people working for the search engine wonder about the company’s unparalleled employee bonuses and perks, not to mention top-caliber Silicon Valley campuses.

employees meeting discussing

Wanting to give their employees true flexibility, Google allows workers to go on a flexible schedule. That way, they can work on their own terms. The good news is this also ensures the creative juices flow better. The result is increased productivity.

Plus, you can’t beat the fun environment at Google. So much, people are working for the company even on weekends. And that’s easy to explain. These employees don’t feel like working. They’re enjoying themselves.

Attract Better Talent

Now that everyone is holed up at home, recruiters are doing their best to get the best people on the line. But it’s going to be an uphill climb.

Again, this goes back to culture. Experiences travel at the speed of light. As people who had a taste of your culture talk about you, your culture can make or break your recruiting efforts. This is especially true in the age of social media. In this regard, a winning culture is a beacon that will lead the best and brightest to your door. And beat other companies to the punch.

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