Why Start a Commercial Cleaning Business?

Why Start a Commercial Cleaning Business?

A lot of people do not like cleaning, but then, they don’t get paid to wash windows or scrub toilets. There are many business opportunities in the commercial cleaning industry, and you can start one quickly. It is a lucrative and flexible venture that you can embark on.

If you do not have much knowledge of the industry, you can go the easier route and have a commercial cleaning services franchise. Here are the top reasons you should consider starting this type of business.

Stable Market

Unlike with the residential cleaning sector, the market for commercial cleaning does not ride the boom or bust wave. There is always a steady demand for cleaning offices and establishments since one of their goals is to maintain a professional image. And to do that, they need to keep their premises and surroundings clean.

Simple Products

Commercial cleaning isn’t rocket science. Most offices require the same type of services, which include cleaning the toilets, sweeping the floors and emptying the garbage cans. It doesn’t get easier than this.

Repeat Clients

Commercial cleaning services will have their customers calling on them over and over. This translates to a stable income for you as the business owner.

Low Overhead Costs

Aside from cleaning supplies, this type of business doesn’t have much inventory or delivery vehicles. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to buy a bunch of supplies.  You would want to invest in tools and supplies that will maximize your effort and time as you grow your business.

Entry-Level Workforce

Workers cleaning an officeYou don’t need to do the work yourself since you can easily hire people. The good news is you don’t need to look for people with formal education for the job. This means you won’t have a high recruiting and training cost. Since most cleaning jobs are done after office hours when the employees are gone, you can hire people who would work the late shift. The downside, however, could be a high turnover rate.

Getting Started in Commercial Cleaning

  • Decide if you’ll get a franchise or learn the business yourself. – Starting from scratch will be a lot of work initially. Getting a franchise, on the other hand, has the name recognition factor going for you. You need to decide also if you’re going to do it yourself or hire people.
  • Take care of all the start-up requirements. – This means you have to register the business, get a name, have a business plan and hire employees. You have to give your employees benefits as well.
  • Decide which market to target. – You have to be able to provide something that will make you stand out in the niche you picked.

Whether you start from scratch or obtain a franchise, you’ll not go wrong with the commercial cleaning business. This is a lucrative market with a huge potential to grow as you get more clients. Cleaning services will be in demand since it’s a necessity. Get the information you need so that you can start on this business right away.

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