5 Essential Steps to Set Up a Car Repair Shop

5 Essential Steps to Set Up a Car Repair Shop

You might be considering opening an auto repair shop if you are confident in your knowledge about car maintenance, customization, and repairs. Repairing cars in your garage may help you get some money, but an auto repair business will be your livelihood. Opening a shop requires the skills of a businessman and not a mechanic. Fortunately, you can be both by following these simple steps.

Get Certification

You do not need a certification to work on cars. However, an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification can help you attract customers aside from your close friends. This certificate tells people that you are perfectly capable of delivering on your service. You will also find it easier to get liability insurance if you get certified. Without the essential document, you may also struggle to find a way to finance your car repair shop.

Pick Your Specialty

Specialization allows you to focus on a task you think will provide you with more customers. Before you pick a specialty, you need to research your community. Figure out the most common types of repairs in demand around your area. Specializations help auto repair shops get a good reputation. If you and your repair team are the best in collision repairs, a lot of car owners will take note of your shop. You may also include other car repair services alongside your specialty. It helps if you can add customization to your list of services, which will attract a lot of car lovers and owners.

Hire Non-Mechanic Help

One young auto mechanic tighten screw with spanner during automobile car maintenance at engine auto repair shop service station

The moment you set up a car repair shop, it becomes your business. Hire people who are not directly related to the repair shop’s services. You may get an employee who will take calls and find customers. You may also need to hire a person to clean up at the end of every working day. As your car repair shop grows, you need to hire more mechanics. However, you must keep in mind that you are in business. Eventually, you will need to hire legal services, get insurance for your workers, and consider expansion plans.

Invest in Your Tools

The tools and equipment you need for repairs may be costly, but they are the keys to success. Invest in repair tools to ensure quality service. A lot of companies sell vehicle repair equipment in Utah and other states, but you need to focus on the essential tools first. When your repair shop starts to take in more money, you can invest in equipment like vehicle lifts and hydraulic jacks.

Let Your Work Do the Talk

Marketing is where you can put your mechanic skills to good use. As you can promote nearly everything in social media, you need to document your best auto repair and customization jobs. Before and after pictures usually do the trick when it comes to promoting car repair shops. You may also post a time-lapse of a service to attract customers.

Opening a car repair shop will automatically turn a hobby into a business. If you decide to fix vehicles for a living, you will need to dedicate your time into learning the business aspects. You will need to figure out your finances to make sure that your business enjoys longevity.

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